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How deep is the swimming pool that is used for the high dive?

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The operative word here is "high" dive. 8' is the normal depth for an average pool with or without a dive board. With most dive boards in residential pools the depth would be closer to 9' or 10'. I am not certain as to the depth of a high dive platform but my thinking would be in the range of 20' deep. There are specific engineering figures on Olymmpic type pool measurements.

In diving events the highest diving platform is 10 metres high, the water is at least 16 feet deep, even at that depth I go all the way down to the bottom of the pool.
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How deep is the olympic diving pool at London?

The diving pool at the London Olympics has to be a minimum depth of 4.5 meters, but the preferred depth is 5 meters (16 feet 4 inches).

How deep are the olympic diving pools?

the depth of the olympic swimming pools is 5 to 6 metres****

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5 meters at sheffield and coventry Last pool I dived into from a ten meter Olympic board was 16 feet deep.     According to FINA (the international swimming regul

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