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How did Ancient Egyptians use brain hooks?

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HOW TO USE A BRAINHOOK 1, Don't 2, Break the nose with a hammer and chisel 3, Stick the brainhook up the now widened hole 4, Mash the brain up as much as possible 5, Pull it out with the hook and into a bowl 6, Throw it away as quickly as possible
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What did the ancient Egyptians used to wear?

  The men wore white, linen loin cloths, make up, wigs, sandals, bracelets, rings and thick jeweled collars.   The women wore similar only replacing the loin cloth with

How did Ancient Egyptians remove the brain from the body?

They used a special stick to take the brain out of the Pharoah's or noble person's body. The brain was discarded completely because the Ancient Egyptians thought that a person

What did the Egyptians use to take out the brain?

Because when they would bury people the brain would just dissolved so when they took it out they can keep it for a longer time actualy egiptions thoute the hart did all the th

What did Ancient Egyptians use for defense?

they used the red land a walls to protect the nile river and  egyptians the red land was to burn the foes feet and the walls were  built to protect the nile river and the pe

What did the ancient egyptians use?

Ancient Egyptians used a variety of things for a variety of  purposes. Ancient Egyptians used dogs, water, tools, chariots,  papyrus, precious gems, calendars, and a written

What did ancient egyptians use shadows for?

erasthenes who lived in Alexandria Egypt but was greek used shadows to measure the circumference of the earth first noting that the sun at noon cast no shadow on statutes then