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How did Ancient Egyptians use brain hooks?

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HOW TO USE A BRAINHOOK 1, Don't 2, Break the nose with a hammer and chisel 3, Stick the brainhook up the now widened hole 4, Mash the brain up as much as possible 5, Pull it out with the hook and into a bowl 6, Throw it away as quickly as possible
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How did the ancient Egyptians use geometry?

The ancient Egyptians displayed their considerable grasp of geometry in a number of ways. What is arguably the most obvious is the way geometry was used in the construction of

How did Ancient Egyptians remove the brain from the body?

They used a special stick to take the brain out of the Pharoah's or noble person's body. The brain was discarded completely because the Ancient Egyptians thought that a person

Did ancient egyptians use money?

They used grain or jewelry as money, trading and selling for other goods/items. Yes, but not until the Late period. Then, they used debens.

What did Ancient Egyptians use silt for?

They used silt, or black mud for farming their crops. It provided rich soil for the crops. They also used it to make mudbricks, which they used for buildings, clay for pottery

Did ancient Egyptians use a wheelbarrow?

The ancient Egyptian civilisation had knowledge of the wheel only in some applications: the potter's wheel (hieroglyphs nHp or qd) and apparently a round stone or drum used fo

Why did the ancient egyptians use hieroglyphics?

It is very difficult to develop a writing system. At the time the Ancient Egyptians first used writing, nobody had thought of giving one symbol to each sound in the alphabet.

What did Ancient Egyptians use for defense?

they used the red land a walls to protect the nile river and  egyptians the red land was to burn the foes feet and the walls were  built to protect the nile river and the pe

What did ancient egyptians use shadows for?

erasthenes who lived in Alexandria Egypt but was greek used shadows to measure the circumference of the earth first noting that the sun at noon cast no shadow on statutes then