How did Benjamin Franklin show support for the revolutionary war?

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Franklin was one of the people working on the Decleration of Indipendance.
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What did Benjamin Franklin do in the war?

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers and helped with the Declaration of Independence, met with the French to form an alliance, and was one of the most brilliant leaders of the revolution.

What did ben Franklin do in the Revolutionary War?

He was in France with Adams and Jefferson trying to raise money from the French court for the war. He spent 5 years there and didn't return to the colonies until 1787. While in Europe he was very famous and had a great following.

What did Benjamin Franklin do in the American Revolutionary War?

Benjamin Franklin supported the war, participated in the Continental Congress,and provided input as the Declaration and Constitution were w went toat thBrittish helped write the Declaration of Independence, He spent several years in France trying to gather support for the fight against Britain and w (MORE)

What was Benjamin Franklins role in the Revolutionary war?

Ben Franklin was a die-hard patriot who wrote the Declaration of Independence, but didn't fight in the war because he was one of the oldest men to assist the troops during the war, and he had a problem with his foot. He also had many famous quotes like, "we must all band together, or we will all han (MORE)

What did Benjamin Franklin do after the Revolutionary War?

During the latter part of the US Revolutionary War, and somewhat afterwards, Benjamin Franklin was the Ambassodor to France. Following that, in 1787, he served as a Delagate to the Philidelphia Convention. Though it was an honorary position, and he did not engage in much debate, he is the only Found (MORE)

Why did Benjamin Franklin support the Virginia Plan?

Yes Benjamin Franklin did support the Virginia Plan. The Virginia plan stated that representation should be decided by population. Benjamin Franklin liked this because he was from a big state, Pennsylvania.

Did Benjamin Franklin go to war?

Well, I guess you could say that, all he really did was raise money to fight the british. He also kind of ended the war by signing the decloration of indipendince.

Did Benjamin Franklin fight in a war?

He was in France trying to get money and troops for the war. He was also in his 70's at the time and too old to fight. He also had gout and had problems moving around.

Did Benjamin Franklin end the Revolutionary War?

Most likely not by himself. But he did help convince the French to aid the American cause. He appealed to the French by wearing a fur hat and amused ladies of the court. His popularity bought Louis XVI into bankrolling the revolution. After a French flotilla came to the rescue, the British army unde (MORE)

How was Benjamin Franklin involved in the revolutionary war?

Ben Franklin was a great leader of the American revolution . He help write the Declaration of Independence and also sign it to show that he support it . He had a great influence on people . He Had many job like a politician ,a writer ,a inventor and many more .

What did Benjamin Franklin do before the revolutionary war?

Franklin was a very active man. He did many things before the war. He was a newspaperman, scientist, inventor, politician, and diplomat. Born in Boston he was apprenticed to his printer brother James at 12 years old. In 1723 he moved to Philadelphia and began a newspaper. This became the most succes (MORE)

Did Benjamin Franklin die in the American revolutionary war?

No Benjamin Franklin liked to party a lot and on October 12, 1772 in France he overdosed at a party and died while streaking through the streets of Paris.. No Benjamin Franklin liked to party a lot and on October 12, 1772 in France he overdosed at a party and died while streaking through the street (MORE)

Why was Benjamin Franklin a Revolutionary hero?

He was the colonies' ambassador to France and convinced the French government to fight alongside the Americans against the British. He published pro-American books and a newspaper. He served on the Continental Congress. He was instrumental in the planning of our system of government. He was one of t (MORE)

What did Benjamin Franklin do during Revolutionary War?

After he was on the committee to help write the Declaration he left for France to try to get funding for the war from the French. He was in France with Jefferson and Admas for the most part of the war. Franklin was very popular in France and for a time shared a room with Adams.

Did Benjamin Franklin do a lot in the Revolutionary War?

Benjamin Franklin did do a lot with making the constitution and all that kind of work with the laws and stuff but he didn't do anything in the war like the fight. he was to old and weighed to much. he did work but not the dirty work

How did the Quakers support the Revolutionary War?

i think they were neutral so they didnt do anything in fact they protested (and still do today) about wars of any kind if you want to know what the quaker parrot did, well they were in brazil so they just carried on with the rest of their lives

How did Benjamin Franklin show bravery?

Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence, an undeniableact of high treason to the British Crown. If the AmericanRevolution had failed -- and, as late as 1781, there was stillconsiderable doubt whether it would succeed -- Franklin would havebeen executed for this act. This is why Franklin (MORE)

What did benjamin Franklin do duing the revolutionary war?

In the years leading up the revolution, Franklin spent much of his time in Europe. Especially of note, in England he argued for American interests and became popular in the eyes of many colonists for his role in repealing the stamp act. He was elected as the first post master general of the United (MORE)

Why was Benjamin Franklin involved in the Revolutionary War?

Franklin concluded that English people living in North Americawould never be treated as equals -- either politically or socially-- to those living in Britain, so he concluded that Americansneeded to form a government separate from Britain. Initially, Franklin thought that British leaders needed onl (MORE)