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The Black Death, also known as bubonic plague, ultimately killed over one-third of Europe's population during the Middle Ages. No matter your status or station in life, you were never free from the reaches of this disease, and a horrible fear of any illness swept through the continent. Anyone who had a fever, or a headache, or any other problem at all would be treated as one with this disease. Death carts came by each house every day to collect the bodies of the newly dead. Many people who had this disease, or who were sick from some other cause, were trapped inside their homes and left to die - so even if they recovered, they often died of thirst and starvation. Large groups of people often tried to stay on the move and 'outrun' the plague, but ended up spreading it.
Source: Streams of Civilization, Vol. 1, by Mary Stanton and Albert Hyma - p. 290
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