How did Extreme Makeover get started?

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It started April 18, 2005. When Ty Pennington's mom's house burnt down, then he had a feeling he needed to help the needy

It actually started before 1993. According to the executive producer who came to our town (Medford, Oregon) - see McPhail house episode to be shown this season, the show originated as a show called Space Invaders, but they were lacking a good story behind the makeovers. After deciding to help a family who's child was diagnosed with lukemia they now had their story. This new show needed a push to get picked up by a network so they teamed up with Extreme Makeover to start EM:HE.
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Is extreme home makeover real?

yes it is you can see the website co to yes they really do it because they have nothing else to waste there millions of dollars on Its not that they have millions o

Did extreme makeover come to smithville?

Yes they did. They came to the Crockett family and they had a cool 11 year old painter named Ty. He said He likes to help out on the community. Smithville is also famous for a

What channel is extreme makeover home edition on?

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is on channel 44. if you have charter it is on channel 44. if you have Direct TV or Fios i really dont know ok. when you are done reading this at