How did Florida become Florida or how did Florida begin?

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florida ws founded by the spanish leader Juan Ponce De Leon who was looking for the fountain of youth
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How do you become a repossession agent in Florida?

Michele,you must be sponsored by an "E" agent. For more info go to this link, FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE & CONSUMER SERVICES Division of Consumer Services 2005 Apalachee Parkway Tallahassee, FL 32399-6500 1-800-435-7352 (Florida Only) (850) 922-2966 (Outside Florida) (MORE)

When did Florida become a US state?

Florida entered the Union on March 3, 1845, the 27th state and thelast state east of the Mississippi River. Florida was obtained from Spain in the Onis-Adams Treaty(1819-1821). The USA agreed to pay up to five million dollars inwar damage claims by American and Spanish civilians and to dropclaim to (MORE)

Why did Florida become a state?

Because people living there at the time wanted the same rights as the United States, and wanted to be able to elect their own governor.

What do you have to do to become a wildlife officer in Florida?

1. log onto and print out the three applications. 2. contact the recruiter for your area, they are listed on the website. 3. enroll in your local police academy. 4. once you graduate from the police academy attend a school specifically for wildlife officers which lasts 3 months in Talla (MORE)

How do you become a Florida resident?

Answer . Move to Florida and do what a resident would do. (1) Obtain housing which can be renting; if you own, declare your house as primary homestead with your tax assessor, (2) get a driver's license, (3) get Florida tags for your car, and (4) use Florida as your address when filing federal i (MORE)

How do you become a pharmacy technician in Florida?

In the state of Florida you may be trained on the job as a pahrmacy techician when working on the retail level. However, I recommend formal training at the community college level. I also, recommend that you become certified. In the state of Flroida now there is a bill before the senate that if pass (MORE)

Where can you learn to become a firefighter in Florida? Theres alot of info on that site. That's where i went to become a Firefighter. The Florida State Fire College is the best fire school in the state( hence the Florida State Fire College name :D ) . Theres many other places to go alot of them only teach you to be a fire (MORE)

Where did the spanish begin a colony in Florida?

St. Augustine, Fl. Thus, St. Augustine was founded forty-two years before the English colony at Jamestown, Virginia, and fifty-five years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts - making it the oldest permanent European settlement on the North American continent.

How do you become a travel agent in Florida?

In Florida, they have a sellers of travel law. The Sellers ofTravel law requires any person or business who is a seller orpromoter of travel related services to register annually with thedepartment, unless they are exempt. They have to provide aperformance bond, in an amount not to exceed $25,000, o (MORE)

How can I become a Florida state security guard?

You must first have a class "D" security officer license issued by the State of Florida. If you do not have one, you may obtain one through any state licensed security officer trainig school in Florida.. Beyond that, in order to become an employee of Florida State Security Services, Inc., you must: (MORE)

How do you get to Florida?

you can fly, take a boat, drive, swim! depends where you are living. if you want directions, i have no answer because i don't no where u are from. hope this helps.

How long does it take to become a pharmacist in Florida?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for pharmacists. A license is required in all States and the District of Columbia, as well as in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In order to obtain a lic (MORE)

When did the state of Florida begin?

Florida was admitted to the Union as a state on March 3,1845. . Before that it was the Florida Territory from March 30,1822. . Florida was purchased from Spain through the Adams-Onis Treaty,signed on February 22, 1819 and in effect as of February 22,1821.

What can you do in Florida?

Many types of water activities including canoeing, kayaking, sailing, powerboating, water skiing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling. Fresh and salt water. See the Everglades. Visit Disney World and the many other theme parks in the Orlando area. Hike on the Florida trail. Take a cruise. (MORE)

Is there any city in Florida that begin with X?

There are no cities in Florida thatbegin with the letter X. If you need the letter x for Florida,Xenia Lane is the name of a street in Naples FL. Xavier Avenue isthe name of a street in Fort Myers, Florida.

How did Florida become apart of the us?

Florida used to be owned by Spain until 1819. Before 1819 however, it's been a land of freedom. Seminole Indians and runaway slaves lived there for protection from the United States. The Indians would raid Georgia and retreat back to Florida, the U.S. being powerless to stop the raids. If they did a (MORE)

Can a convicted felon become a teacher in Florida?

I am a convicted felon and I am teaching in 2 florida community colleges. However, my crime was not a crime of "moral turpitude". Most felonies are, and crimes of moral turpitude will exclude you from teaching in Florida.

How do i become a teacher in Florida with an associate's degree?

To teach within the public school system you must have a bachelor's degree from a teacher education program and state teacher's certification. There are some alternate routes for individuals who have a bachelor's degree without certification, but it still requires a bachelor's degree. With an associ (MORE)

Can you become a security officer with a felony in Florida?

Security OFFICERS are licensed by the state. It is unlikely that you would be granted a Security officers license with a felony record. However, some company may hire you as a security ' guard ' which requires less (or no) certification.

Can a felon become a psychologist in Florida?

Having a felony on your criminal record would not prevent you from completing a PhD in psychology and pursuing the profession. The complication would depend on the type of felony committed. If say it was violence the candidate may not be eligible to work with children or the elderly.

What are facts about Florida that begin with the letter X?

Xanadu Place is the name of a street in Jupiter, Florida . Xanthus Street is the name of a street in Tampa, Florida . Xavior Avenue is the name of a street in Orlando, Florida . Xavier Avenue is the name of a street in Fort Myers, Florida . Xelda Avenue is the name of a street in Lehigh Ac (MORE)

Who are Florida?

Florida are the state in the south eastern us that is shaped like a giant wang its full of hookers and old people ^^and that above is total bs

When did Saint Augustine become part of Florida?

"Florida" has been known as Florida since Ponce De Leon landed on 1513. Saint Augustine is the U.S.'s oldest city, founded at 1565. The Spanish didn't turn over Florida, including Saint Augustine, to the United States until 1821. In 1845, Florida became a state.

What does Florida have there?

Florida has beaches, the Everglades, big cities, small towns, pretty much everything except mountains and deserts. --hot weather and sunny skies even when it's raining

How do you become emancipated minor in Florida?

You petition the court and prove to a judge that you can support yourself. He will want to know your monthly income, rent, payments, job, and other info about how you expect to live. Having a baby does not make you emancipated. It just makes you a teen with a baby.

What does Bright Beginnings do in Florida?

Bright Beginnings teaches prekindergarten children valuable skills and helps children meet learning goals for their age. They offer assessments of children and guides to help parents help their children to meet the goals set for them.