Ghana traded gold for what?

The early Ghanian economy saw many gold traders use the earnings tobuy light industrial machines and boats. Gold trade enabled crucialpayments to be made towards getting farmi (MORE)

Why did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold?

The rulers of Ghana didn't want everyone to have gold is because there are rare materials that are worth far more than common ones, so they ban people from using gold nuggets, (MORE)
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Who were the rulers of ancient Ghana?

Kaya Maja,( c.350) Twenty-one kings whose names are unknown, (c.350 - c.622) Twenty-one kings whose names are unknown, (c.622 - c.750) Majan Dyabe Sisse,( c.750) Sever (MORE)
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Who was the most famous ruler of ghana?

Kwame Nkrumah is the most famous ruler of Ghana. He was the firstPrime Minister and the first President of Ghana who oversaw thenation's independence from the Great Britain.

What benefit did Ghana got from independence?

it is a huge window of opportunity to chart independent political, social, and economic courses that best suit the nation, without seeking an approval from our colonial master (MORE)