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How did Goku become little in GT?

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He was training the the sky temple with Uub and some of his original enemies came to the temple, they somehow made a wish on the dragon balls saying "oh I wish you were young again...then you wouldn't be so tough" and then Boom - Goku became young! That is why Trunks, his grand daughter and Goku are now searching the galaxy for Dragonballs.
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How did Goku become a super saiyan 4?

He regrew his tail, which allowed him to become a Great Ape. The requirements for someone to become one is that the person must be able to become a Super Saiyan and Great Ape.

How can you become like Goku?

  Just reconnect to the source. Remember your true nature.

What happened to Goku at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

at the end of dragon ball gt goku goes with shenlong and when he is sleeping shenlong merges with goku and becomes immortal. He is seen a hundred years later at the tournament

How old is Goku in dragonball gt?

He is 50 years old in Dragonball GT. In Dragonball, he was 12 years old In Dragonball Z, he started as a 24 year-old father, he fought Raditz and and died for 1 year (Didn't a

Who is stronger goku or goku jr?

Goku by far. 1. because goku is like a great great grand father and goku jr a kid. 2. Because goku can go up to ssj4 ( super saiyan 4) and 3.He has more fighting expierence.

How do you get dragon ball gt kid goku in dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2?

simply finish the dragon ball saga or you wish him back with the dragon balls within the story.OR just take this code its a code for kid goku lv.160!so its very strong but bew

How did goku become a super saiyan 3?

Goku had been training hard in other world, during this time he had achieved Super Saiyan 3 however, due to the differences in the areas, the super saiyan three goku had been

How did Little Richard become famous?

Little Richard became famous because during his child hood he really enjoyed the music and songs they sang at his family church so when Richard got older he started playing go