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How did Goku become little in GT?

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He was training the the sky temple with Uub and some of his original enemies came to the temple, they somehow made a wish on the dragon balls saying "oh I wish you were young again...then you wouldn't be so tough" and then Boom - Goku became young! That is why Trunks, his grand daughter and Goku are now searching the galaxy for Dragonballs.
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What happened to Goku at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

at the end of dragon ball gt goku goes with shenlong and when he is sleeping shenlong merges with goku and becomes immortal. He is seen a hundred years later at the tournament

How old is Goku in dragonball gt?

He is 50 years old in Dragonball GT. In Dragonball, he was 12 years old In Dragonball Z, he started as a 24 year-old father, he fought Raditz and and died for 1 year (Didn't a

When Dragonball Gt episode does goku turn ssj4?

i think it was after goku came back with his tail and turn ssj3 when he revert back to his old state goku look at the earth and become a golden great ape in episode 30. GOKU T

Does Goku die in dragonball gt?

Yes, when he asks final wish to shenron he sacrifies his life for sake of people. that is why his body gets destroyed. but his cloths remain there self . No one knows that gok

Why is Goku a kid in dragonball gt?

  Because after he was a grown man, and beaten Majin Buu, an old enemy got dragon balls and turned him into a kid again

How did goku become super saiyan 2?

when goku was dead he was training in other world so he can become strong and he did and by that point they tryed to get him to transform into a super sayian 2 and it work and

When does goku become super saiyan 2?

Goku becomes super saiyan 2 when he is training in a special room at Kami's lookout. It allows a year to pass in the room, while real time in the outside world is just a day.

Why is goku a kid in Dragon Ball gt?

Because when he done training with Uub he comes out and he sees the clouds are gray and sees Emperor Pilaf with the black star balls and goku walk in and the dragon is there s

How did Goku become ssj4?

when he was fighting baby in the GT series he looked at the earth and regretted how he couldn't protect it from baby and said, "earth please give me the strength to protect yo

What episode does goku turn back old in gt?

he never does he leaves with shenron forever this time never to see them again as a kid but when goes super saiyan 4 his body can not hold th immense power so turns into a adu