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How did Hitler rise to power so quickly?

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The question is worded wrong because Hitler did not take power quickly. After he was arrested for trying to forcely attempt a coup (the beer hall) he sept eight months in jail where he wrote mein Kamft then he rose to power the old fashined way he assumed control of his party fashinoed himslef the unquestond ruler of the Nazis then moved on to germny during that time the Germans were of extermly low morale they needed change or the red flag of commuinsim would fly over the reichburg so Hitler took the road of a American politican promising everything to the German people under gods green earth. until he was at a prime position to become the pres didnt work thwn the Weinsburg republic came into effect and Germany prosperd for a while until it got bad again finally elections came again Hitler managed to become only deputy chancallor (that's like to Americans the personal aide to the vice pres) he finnaly became the full chancllor after the one before him want bye-bye the Weimar republic was still in effect until the pres died and he became the pres of Germany One of the biggest weaknesses in German political life in the 1920s and early 1930s was the absence of an effective, competently organized, 'mainstream' right-wing political party. This encouraged the rise of a strange, weird and anti-democratic party. Obviously, this is only part of the answer. Between 1930 and 1933 the rise was very rapid. In 1928 the Nazis only had 12 out of 580 seats in the Reichstag. In 1930 when the effects of the Great Depression hit Germany hard, the number rose sharply to 107. From a political point of view, there was a sea-change in Germany in 1930-33.
It's worth being cautious about the high school/college view of Germany smarting obsessively in 1919-33 under the Versailles Treaty and straining at the leash to undo it. In politics, most voters are much more concerned with basic everyday issues - like jobs, for example.
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