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How did John Locke influence American government?

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John Locke was the philosopher most closely associated with the concept of natural rights.
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How did John Locke influence political history?

John Locke encouraged people to think for themselves, and to  question their leaders. Taking part in their government rather than  accepting what has been in place for hundr

What type of government did john Locke prefer?

a confedertat or direct democracy, where all was treated equally or fair with limited/controled goverment

What influence did John Locke have on the Declaration of Independence?

John Locke wrote about natural rights and stated how everyone  should have the rights of liberty, property, and life. He also  wrote about how people are born with these nat

How did john Locke influence the American colonists?

John Locke influenced the American colonists with his ideas about  government power and individual rights. For example, he believed in  the right to private ownership of pro

What documents were influenced by John Locke?

John Locke influenced the declaration of independence and the constitution with his idea of "life, liberty and property", also he influenced the enlightenment

How was the American government influenced by English government?

The Constitution was influenced by 2 things from English government: The Magna Carta, and the English Bill of Rights. The Magna Carta made sure that the king of England has t

What did John Locke think of the government?

LLP!!! LIFE LIBERTY AND PROPERTY!!! He pretty much thought that every one in the country should be the same and born equal I guess!!

How did john Locke influence th American constitution?

in the declaration Tomas Jefferson said "We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienab

What did John Locke believe to be the purpose of government?

To protect it's citizens from each other and to provide for the  common defense. He also wanted to protect the peoples' natural  rights. He wanted to enforce the amendments

How does American government influence economy?

The American government influences the economy in various ways.  This is in form of collecting taxes, establishing new industries,  maintaining proper infrastructure and so