How did Kansas get the name Kansas?

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Kansas was named after the native American tribe Kansas, people of the Southeast Wind.

They were native to the territory originally but were moved to Oklahoma.
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What was the original name of the Kansas City Royals?

The Royals entered the AL in 1969 as the Royals and have been named so ever since. But, before the Royals, the Athletics moved to Kansas City in 1955 and stayed until they left for Oakland in 1968. The Kansas City Monarchs were in Kansas City in 1951. This was the Negro League team of Jackie Robinso (MORE)

How did Kansas get its name?

Kansas got its name from the Kanza Indians that used to live here. Named after the Kansa tribe who inhabited the area. The native namewas Kka:ze meaning 'people of the wind', although this may not havebeen the terms original meaning

How did the Kansas City Chiefs get there name?

When the Dalas Texans wanted to move the team to Kansas City the Chief of the city at the time was very supportive of the move and he was apparently a very loved man so in honour of him they named the team, the "Chiefs"

Where is Kansas?

Kansas is located and/or known as the middle state Kansas is in the geographic center of the 48 contiguous United States

How Kansas got its name?

Kansas was named after the Kansas River. The Kansas River was named after the Kansa/Kanza people who lived in the river's area. The French were the first to explore Kansas.

Why was Kansas named Bleeding Kansas?

"Bleeding Kansas" \n. \n"Bleeding Kansas" was a term coined and used by Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune to describe the violent hostilities between pro and antislavery forces in the Kansas territory during the mid and late 1850s.

What is in Kansas?

There is plenty of people, places, and things in Kansas. Wichita is the world capital of airplanes. Amelia Earhart is a Kansas native along with President Eisenhower. Just because it it known as an agricultural state doesn't mean it has nothing in it. Kansas is just as modern as many other places in (MORE)

How did get Kansas get its name?

It was named for the Kaw or Kansa Indian tribe. It is usually translated as "People of the South Wind" although some historians say it simply means "The People".

How did the Kansas City Royals get their name?

because of royalty. Kansas City has similar names for most of their pro teams. The Monarchs, (negro league baseball) Chiefs (NFL football) Steers (semi-pro football). Teh saying used to be everthing is up to date in KC. But, now it is Everything is a light year ahead, (due to Google fiber)

How did Kansas City Steak get its name?

From what I have been told, by olden relatives, it came from the fact,that after the civil war, Texas sent huge amounts of cattle north to Chicago's slaughter houses, because of the new meat demand, and due to the fact that Texas was rather unhurt during the war, they had the meat on the hoof at han (MORE)

What is the connections in the names Arkansas and Kansas?

Both names come from American Indian languages and were given tothe areas by the French settlers. Although they both contain"kansas" there is no obvious link. Kansas comes from the SiouxIndian word for "south wind people." The name Arkansas is theFrench interpretation of a Sioux word: acansa, meanin (MORE)

What are the names of the characters from Kansas in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

In the original book by author and Oz series originator Lyman Frank Baum [May 15, 1856-May 5, 1919], the names of the characters from Kansas are Dorothy , her pet dog Toto , and her family of Uncle Henry and Aunt Em .. In the posthumous 1939 film version, the names of the characters from Kansa (MORE)

Who named Kansas?

The Kansas River was named by the French after the Kansas, Omaha, Kaw, Osage and Dakota Sioux Indian word "KaNze" meaning, in the Kansas language "south wind."

What is the other name of Kansas cow town?

Dodge City, most often; or Wichita, the location of the Cowtown Museum. The cow towns were the locations of the steer communities that kept the trail drivers employed, in the 1870s-1880s. So at least a half-dozen could more or less fit the description. Other possibilities therefore included Newton, (MORE)

Who is Kansas named after?

Kansas is named after Kansas River, which was named after the Kansa tribe. The Kanas tribe are Native Americans that lived in the area.

How Kansas got its nick name?

Kansas got its nickname because there was a large population of sunflowers and they were known for the large amounts of sunflowers.

How did the state of Kansas get its name?

The State of Kansas is named after the Kansas River which flows through it, which in turn was named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area. The tribe's name (natively kką:ze ) is often said to mean "people of the wind" or "people of the south wind," although this was pro (MORE)

Is Kansas City named after Kansas?

Both Kansas and Kansas City are named for Kansas River, which is in turn named for the local Kanza Indian tribe. The city was established before Kansas itself was even made a territory.

What can you do in Kansas?

You can ride a horse on a ranch. You could go to Wichita Gardens tosee beautiful plants. The Kansas Capital has murals and statues tosee. You could also see President Eisenhower's boyhood home. Youcould see Boot Hill and some buildings that make up the 1870s DodgeCity. You could visit the art collec (MORE)

What is the Wizard's name in Kansas in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Professor Marvel is the Wizard's name in Kansas in the beloved 1939 movie version of "The Wizard of Oz." Specifically, Professor Marvel is a character only in the movie version of the original 1900 book edition. The character does not appear among those created by Oz book author and Oz series cr (MORE)

How did Kansas get its nickname bleeding Kansas?

Because of the decision to let the local people vote on whether Kansas should be slave or free. Every bully-boy in America, from both sides, descended on this thinly-populated state to intimidate voters and declare the results to be rigged. Newspapers used the term "bleeding Kansas" in reporting (MORE)

How did the quilt block Kansas Troubles get its name?

The original Kansas Troubles quilt was created in 1850 during the period when Kansas was petitioning to become the 34th state in the union. The "troubles" related to whether Kansas would choose to be a slave-holding state or a "free" state. Northern and southern politicians engaged in terrorist acti (MORE)

Where did cawker city kansas get his name?

four men were playing poker it was decided that whoever won the game would have the honor of naming the town after him. A man named Cawker won the game; thus the name "Cawker City" was born

What did Cortez name the area in Kansas?

If you mean the Cortez that defeated the Aztec empire, i don't think he even knew kansas existed. He may have thought that there was possibly land beyond mexico in the North but im not sure if he ever named anything north of Mexico. I'm pretty confident however that he did not name the specific regi (MORE)

Is there a Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?

It makes no sense, but there is both! Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO. There is also a place called Kansas, OK (but not Kansas city, just Kansas). Just like Portland. There is a Portland in Oregon and Maine. Trust me, sometimes cities double, maybe even triple!

Name the electors in the kansas electoral college?

Donald Trump wonKansas 6 electoral votes in the 2016 election. The popular votecount was Donald Trump 671,018 and Hillary Clinton 427,005. The2016 presidential electors from Kansas pledged to vote for DonaldTrump for President and Mike Pence for Vice President were AshleyJ. McMillan, Concordia, part (MORE)

What is some of the hotel names in Wichitan Kansas?

Some hotels located in Wichitan, Kansas include Homewood Suites by Hilton @ The Waterfront, Ambassador hotel Wichita, and the Hotel at WaterWalk. You can book rooms at these places, as well as find other hotels in Wichita, online at the TripAdvisor website.

When did Kansas receive the name bleeding Kansas?

In 1854, Congress passed the Kansas Nebraska Act. This called forthe two territories of Kansas & Nebraska to hold elections asto whether they wished to be "fee" States or "slave" States whenthey entered the Union. So beginning in 1854, pro slavers andabolitionists fought for supremacy in Kansas. In (MORE)

What are the names of 2014 Kansas City Royals?

The 2014 Kansas City Royals roster is: Tim Collins. Wade Davis. Danny Duffy. Brandon Finnegan. Jason Frasor. Jeremy Guthrie. Kelvin Herrera. Greg Holland. James Shields. Jason Vargas. Yordano Ventura. Erik Kratz. Salvador Perez. Christian Colon. Alcides Escobar. Eric Hosmer. Omar (MORE)

What nick name is associated with the state of kansas?

Prior to Kansas joining the Union,the Kansas Territory was a hotbed of violence and chaos betweenanti-slavery and pro-slavery settlers. Kansas was known as BleedingKansas as these forces collided over the issue of slavery in theUnited States. The term "Bleeding Kansas" was coined by RepublicanHorace (MORE)