How did Napoleon's Civil Code treat women?

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Under Napoleon's Civil Code women were declared to be inferior to men by and children had no rights at all. It recognized civil marriage and divorce but left the wife with restricted powers over property. Minor children had absolutely no rights; the father had absolute control over them. Napoleon said, "The husband must possess the absolute power and right to say to his wife: Madame, you shall not go out, you shall not go to the theater, you shall not visit such and such a person: for the children you bear, they shall be mine."
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The Napolionic Code was highly sexist, proclaiming that women must have their husband's permission and go under his name to appear in court, get a divorce, acquire property, a

How did women rights regress under napoleon's civil code?

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What was Napoleon's Civil Code?

1804 . Law that was established in France and was supposed to be established in French territories . Continued to exist after Napoleon's fall . The principles include: .
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