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How did Samuel de Champlain interact with Natives?

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He didn't hate them, he actually respected them. He interacted with them very well. He actually shot a gun up in the air when the Iroquois were attacking him and muskets ball hit the Iroquois chief in the fore head and killed him. lol.. what coincidence..
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How did Samuel de Champlain treat the natives?

Champlain had a bad relationship with native they came to greet him and he shot them and called them savages and never did like them Samuel de Champlain worked with the nati

How Samuel de Champlain die?

a stroke; Samuel de Champlain died in Quebec on December 25 1635

Why was Samuel de Champlain a villain?

He blindly followed his Native allies into war with the Iroquois instead of trying to make peace. This action set their negative relationship for a HUNDRED years. He abandone

Samuel de Champlain achievements?

Samuel de Champlain found Quebec City. He crossed borders to investigate unknown territories. Also, he discovered St.Lawrence River and discovered "New France".

Did Samuel de Champlain have any interactions with the First Nations people of Canada?

Yes he did, He had asked them if he could trade with them and they said yes but he had to fight a different nation to be able to join them in trade. He had shot his gun in the