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How did Samuel de Champlain interact with Natives?

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He didn't hate them, he actually respected them. He interacted with them very well. He actually shot a gun up in the air when the Iroquois were attacking him and muskets ball hit the Iroquois chief in the fore head and killed him. lol.. what coincidence..
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Who was Samuel de Champlain?

The founder of Quebec itself!   Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer. He was born in Brourage, France in 1567. He traveled back and forth from France to New England an (MORE)

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Why was Samuel de Champlain a villain?

He blindly followed his Native allies into war with the Iroquois instead of trying to make peace. This action set their negative relationship for a HUNDRED years. He abandone (MORE)

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What were Samuel de Champlains hardships?

Samuel de Champlains main hardships included time consuming trips between the new world and his home and source of his patronage in France; he also had to deal with the changi (MORE)

Founders of Canada: Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain is known as "The Father of New France", as one of the founders of Port Royal in Nova Scotia and Quebec City in what is now Quebec. From 1605 until 1633, he (MORE)

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How did Samuel de Champlain treat the natives?

Champlain had a bad relationship with native they came to greet him and he shot them and called them savages and never did like them Samuel de Champlain worked with the nati (MORE)

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Why did Samuel De Champlain explore?

He liked exploring & wanted to find a Northwest passage through  the "New World". He found Lake Champlain, and named it after  himself
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