How did Truman justify the united states atomic bombing of japan?

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Ending thw war sooner and saving tens of thousands of Allied and Japanese lives......
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What effect did the USSR have on the United States decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan?

%REPLIES%. Answer . None whatsoever.\nMichael Montagne. Answer . The bombing of Japan with the atomic bomb served as a signal to the USSR that the US not only had the bomb, but that the US government was also crazy enough the use it. Simply having the bomb and ending the war - the Japanese h (MORE)

What were the pros of the United States dropping the atom bomb on Japan?

This may just be opinion to many including my self, but the pros to dropping the atom bomb on Japan were these: 1. It ended the war since Germany had already surrendered. 2. It killed many Japanese people, innocent or other wise. I do realize as we look back now, this is wrong, but back in the 194 (MORE)

Why did the United States drop atomic bombs on Japan?

The U.S. Dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan because our president beleived that it would save lives in the long run. (especially American lives) Also no one knew the after effects that the radiation would cause because it was never tested over a long period of time. The reason We dropped them where w (MORE)

Did the United States bomb Japan?

Answer . Yes. Remember that it was war. Japan had attacked U.S. interests in Pearl Harbor, had taken control of most of the pacific islands, ruthlessly attacked the people of China and had openly expressed their belief that because of our genetic "impurity", the people of the United States would (MORE)

What are arguments for and against the atomic bombings of Japan being justified?

Were the Atomic Bombings Justifiable? \n. \nHere are summaries of opinions from FAQ Farmers on the moral or immoral nature of the decision to bomb Japan with nuclear weapons.\n. \n Fewer Americans died \n. \n . The war in the Pacific had been raging for almost four years. The two battles immed (MORE)

How did President Truman justify dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

The Japanese were very reluctant to surrender. A single previousbombing using conventional bombs had killed about half what theatomic bomb had approximately, yet that had not deterred Japan inthe slightest. Of the few options presented, the atomic bombactually resulted in minimal deaths, and a quick (MORE)

Did Truman have to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

While no act of war is necessary, it could be argued that dropping the bomb did end the war immediately; otherwise it could have been some time before an end was reached and more lives may have been lost.

Why did Truman decide to use the atomic bomb against Japan?

Harry Truman thought that by dropping the atomic bombs on Japan, hewould save American lives and end World War II faster. He alsowanted to collapse Japan's means to make war again. He believedthat the loss of a few hundred thousand citizens and the completeobliteration of the enemy country's morale (MORE)

Was the United States justified in using the atomic bombs against Japan to end World War 2?

That depends on who you ask. If you ask a Marine or soldier in the Pacific in 1945, they would probably agree that it was justified. The casualty projections for the invasion were running at an expected 2,000.000 killed and wounded.. Don't forget most Americans also blamed Japan for getting the US (MORE)

Why wasn't the US justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan?

ID1205554227 said: i think it was justified to lunch not one but to boms on japan to stop the war. i do wish there was a nother solution insted of the bom but sence there wasnt i do think the united states made the right choice. ^Maybe you should learn how to write properly before giving advic (MORE)

Harry Trumans justification for using the atom bomb on japan?

Harry Truman's justification was that he did it to save the lives of our American soldiers and to end the War between us and the Japanese. He decided to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima so that the Japanese would give up. He bombed two giant cities with people who had nothing to do with the war and who w (MORE)

Should Truman have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan?

Definitely. Japan's cabinet was split even after the bombing of Hiroshima, so the second bomb was needed to end the war. In the past few years, there's been some historical revisionism that purports that Japan was "ready to surrender anyway." None of the Japanese leadership in post-war interviews ha (MORE)

Why were the atomic bombs dropped on Japan not justified?

Probably for the same reasons D-day in Europe wasn't justified... innocent people died. If you insist on armchair quarterbacking every military decision without all the facts the decision makers of the time had and with facts that have come out since that time that could not have been known by an (MORE)

How did President Truman justify the use of the atom bomb?

In the Battle of Okinawa, the Japanese solders fought and died for a hopeless cause until they completely ran out of ammunition. Harry Truman realized the Japanese would not surrender as long as they had one bullet. He decided a lot fewer lives would be lost, both American and Japanese, with the ato (MORE)

Why was President Truman justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

President Harry Truman had many alternatives at his disposal for ending the war: invade the Japanese mainland, hold a demonstration of the destructive power of the atomic bomb for Japanese dignitaries, drop an atomic bomb on selected industrial Japanese cities, bomb and blockade the islands, wait fo (MORE)

President Truman reason for dropping the atomic bomb in Japan?

The US and Japan were at war, and Japan had refused to surrender. If the US invaded Japan, it was estimated that more than 1 million US service members would be killed, and several million Japanese would die. Japan was advised that the US had a new weapon, but would not surrender. After being bombed (MORE)

Did Harry Truman make the right decision dropping the atomic bombs on japan in 1945?

If Hirohito had decided that regardless of what happened, the Japanese would never surrender, it could have been decades before we brought Japan to heel, and the country would have been destroyed. The Japanese people were unimpressed by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: more had died in (MORE)

When did the United States bomb Japan?

Firebombings All Across Japan: 1942-1945, with major cities including Tokyo-Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, and Nagoya among many other smaller ones. Atomic Bombings Hiroshima, Japan: August 6, 1945 Nagasaki, Japan: August 9, 1945

How did Truman justify the United States' atomic bombing of Japan?

At the time, no one questioned it. Hundreds of cities had been bombed to ruins during the preceding six years, and millions of civilians killed in the process. The atomic missions did end the war, and all the Allies were exceedingly glad of it - except perhaps the Russians, who only got into the war (MORE)

Was Truman right using the atomic bomb against japan?

Your question asks for an opinion. In my opinion, yes, Truman was right. The Japanese civilian government was being controlled by the Japanese military, who was prepared to continue to fight (including one plan to bomb San Diego with bilogical weapons. Japan had refused demands to surrender, which w (MORE)

What reasons did Truman have to drop the atomic bombs on japan?

since the Japanese Army was actually doing Kamikaza, which means japanese sucide bomb attacks, on the United States Navy. Truman had no other choice to to use the Atomic Bomb on Japan since they refuse to surrender regardless of how Truman explained to them how deadly the bomb is.

Why United States built the atomic bomb is it built just in case of japan?

The US started building the atomic bomb because it came to their attention that the Nazi scientists in Germany were already working on it. By the start of 1945, the US did not have a ready atomic bomb. Neither did Germany, although they were much closer to it than the US. Once the Allies began their (MORE)

How did the United States use the atomic bomb to end the war in japan?

As the war in the Pacific progressed it became painfully evident that the Japanese were prepared to die themselves to kill the allies (kamikaze and bonsai attack for example). The Japanese government was training women, children, and the old of Japan to fight any invasion by the allies to the death (MORE)

Why did the United states use a atomic bomb on Japan?

Every other option available to the Allies would have resulted ingreater loss of life. The bombs, in the words of President Harry S.Truman, represented the "least abhorrent choice." See related answers on this site for more information. (spelled asthey appear here) ("Would Operation Downfall have be (MORE)

How did Truman justify the use of atomic bombs in Japan?

They ultimately ended up saving lives. Every other option availableto the Allies would have resulted in more bloodshed than wasexperienced in the bombings, and no other course of action couldhave brought such a speedy end to the war.