How did Wasps RFC get their name?

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Wasps is an English professional rugby union team. The men's first team, which forms Wasps, was derived from Wasps football club who were formed in 1867 at the now defunct Eton and Middlesex Tavern in North London, at the turn of professionalism in 1995. Wasps play at the rioch arena which is located in Coventry.
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What are RFCs?

RFCs are documents that detail protocols, standards, and information that define the internet.

What is an RFC?

An RFC is a Request For Comment, for the discussion and development of new protocols and techniques for use on the Internet. It is run by the IETF. I have included a link to l

What is an RFC Name?

RFC stands for Request for Comments. The name is such because when the Internet was being created, someone would write a paper with an idea for a function and wait for othe