How did World War 1 relate to the art movements of Dadaism and Surrealism?

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Answer this question… Dadaists and Surrealists embraced silliness and the subconscious and rejected the reason and rationalism they felt had led to war and mass destruction.
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How does surrealism relate to World War 2?

Surrealism originated from the Dadaist movement which was founded during world war one. Dadaists believed that most irrational things originated from the horrors of war.. Sur

Who is the father of an art movement called Surrealism?

they say that the play Les Mamelles de Tiresias by Giullaume Apollinaire. This was based on a painting by Giullaume Apollinaire. From there with that painting a play started S

When did surrealism art movement begin and end?

The surrealism art movement roughly began around 1917 and showedmore signs of slowing down around 1950. The surrealism art movementis defined by art with visuals that felt ver

What art movement did surrealism follow?

Surrealism followed many of the main ideas set by the Dada movement. According to James Voorhies in the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History hosted on the Metropolitan Museum

How did the Great Depression effect the surrealism art movement?

Thge Great Depression didnt effect the surrealist movment. the suurealist movement however was part of the revolution in the 1920s. Another example or tearing away from tradit

How does surrealism relate to world war 1?

WW I was a spectacularly senseless and destructive conflict which was harmful to all those who participated in it; as a result, many people began to question all the social an

What is This art movement focused on the negative aspects of World War 1?

I believe that you are thinking of the Dada movement. Its criticism of WW I is implied, rather than explicit. It is a movement that used absurdity, as a comment of the absurdi

When did the art movement Dadaism begin?

While not officially regarded as a movement in the art community, Dadaism is believed to have begun around 1916 in Europe. The origins of Dadaism are traced to a negative resp