How did World War 2 affect women?

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women had to take men's places in factories and shops. their clothing changed from skirts and dresses to pants and overalls. Many took up jobs that they never knew that they could do.
It affected them by giving them better jobs and more money so they liked it in a way and some of them found mates!
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How did World War 2 affect women in Europe?

In Europe, married women's husbands had to go off to fight for their countries. As a result, women had to take the man's place on the farm or find a job. The woman was also th

How did World War 2 affect the lives of Japanese women?

After the end of WWII, GEN Douglas MacArthur was assigned the mission of over seeing the government of Japan, much like a military governor. One of the new laws that the "mili

How did World War 2 affect women and minorities?

Women, besides being placed in more skilled jobs than they were used to in non-war times (and even World War I when they participated as typists, secretaries and even overseas

How did the end of the World War 2 affect women?

Answer . I have just read a review by Simon Blackburn, in The New Scientist, of the book "The Owl of Minerva: A Memoir" by author Mary Midgley.\n. \n ISBN 0415367883 pric

How were women affected by World War 2?

Women were affected alot by World War 2 because since men left to go to war women got to take their jobs and show everyone that women are just as capable as men are! But when

How did the World War 2 affect the position of women?

Women's roles and stature grew in the war years. They learned they could do men's jobs and work. Many women became doctors, lawyers, judges, business owners and college gradua
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How did women in the US affected by world war 2?

Alot of them lost their husbands and boyfriends as a result of the war, there was the Baby Boom, which was alot of them having kids at the same time, and alot of women had to
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How did world war 2 affect women African Americans and Asian Americans?

World War 2 effected woman in many ways varying on location such as:. -Women got to work outside the house for the first time. Many women worked in factories to help out in t
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How did world war 2 affect many women?

WW2 made many women become indapendent. Actually, During World War Two, the main world powers at the time practiced a total war effort. Because of this, Everyone in a countr