How did Zeus kill his father?

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Zeus, god of the sky, didn't actually kill his father because his father (Cronus) was immortal, like Zeus.

Instead, Zeus used his fathers own weapon to slice Cronus into a thousand pieces. Zeus then tossed all the pieces into Tartarus, the deepest crater in the underworld, and Cronus never escaped. Cronus was still alive because he was immortal, but he was harmless since his body was scattered in Tartarus.

Zeus was then chosen to be king of the gods. Him and his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, chose the domains they would rule over. Zeus picked the sky, Poseidon picked the sea and Hades picked the underworld.
Zeus did not kill Cronus, he and his allies fought a war and Cronus and the other Titans were driven into Tartarus.
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Who is Zeus' father?

The father of the Greek god Zeus is Kronos (also spelled Chronos and Cronus), the king Titan and the lord of time.

Who is the father of Zeus?

Cronus or Kronos is the father of Zeus. Cronus was leader of the first generation of Titans, the divine descendants of Gaia and Uranus. Having overthown his own father, he was

Who was the father of Zeus?

The titan Cronus was the father of Zeus. Zeus' mother was Rhea. Ouranos is the father of kronus Kronus is Zeus' father Cronus Zeus dad is Kronos.

Why did Zeus kill his father?

to save his siblings or something this is the right answer: l ( that is an arrow pointing down) Zeus' father was Cronus or Kronos, Cronus killed his father Uranes! so U

Was Zeus a father?

Yes, Zeus fathered a great many children with various people.
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Why did Zeus Poseidon and Hades killed their Father Kronos and cut him up for?

Zeus Poseidon and Hades killed Cronus because Rhea kept having children that Cronus believed would for some reason overthrow him. He ate Helios, Hades, Poseidon, and all the r
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Is Zeus a father?

Type your answer here..Yes he is a father cracker
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What is Zeus' fathers?

Zeus's father was Kronos, titan of time and age, youngest of Gaia and Ouranus's children, wife of the titanide of revenge and motherhood- Rhea, and king of the world before Ze