How did ancient Greeks use a bows and arrow in war?

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The bow and arrow have been in use for over 60,000 years. Stone points which have been identified as arrowheads were being used in Africa around 60,000 years ago. By 16,000 BC flint points were being bound by sinews to split shafts. Fletching was being practiced, with feathers glued and bound to shafts.

The first actual bow fragments found were the Stellmoor bows from northern Germany. They were dated to about 8,000 BC but were destroyed in Hamburg during the Second World War. They were destroyed before Carbon 14 dating was invented and their age was attributed by archaeological association. The second oldest bow fragments are the elm Holmegaard bows from Denmark which were dated to 6,000 BC. High performance wooden bows are currently made following the Holmegaard design.

Around 3,300 BC Similian man (affectionately named Ötzi) was shot through the lung near the present-day border between Austria and Italy and was mummified by ice and the extreme cold. Among his preserved possessions were bone and flint tipped arrows and an unfinished yew longbow 1.82 m (72 in) tall.

Classical civilizations fielded large numbers of archers in their armies; archery was an important military and hunting skill before the use of gunpowder. Arrows were especially destructive against unarmoured masses and the use of archers often proved decisive. Mounted archers combined range with speed and mobility. Archery also figured prominently in the mythologies of many cultures.

In ancient Greece, the Cretans practiced archery and Cretan mercenary archers were in great demand. Crete was known for its unbroken tradition of archery. The Greek god Apollo is the god of archery, also of plague and the sun, metaphorically perceived as shooting invisible arrows, Artemis the goddess of wild places and hunting. Odysseus and other mythological figures such as Eros, the god of love, are often depicted with a bow. During the his invasion of India, Alexander the Great personally took command of the shield-bearing guards, foot-companions, archers, Agrianians and horse-javelin-men and led them against the Kamboja clans, the Aspasios of the Kunar valleys, the Guraeans of the Guraeus (Panjkora) valley, and the Assakenois of the Swat and Buner valleys.
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How do you shoot arrows using bows?

The principle works off the leverage worked up when pulling back on the bow string, all the force of the leverage is concentrated into one point - the end of the arrow, when the bow string is released all the compressed energy sends the arrow flying through the air.

How do you use bows and arrows?

First, hold the bow with your recessive hand on the grip. place the flagged end of an arrows (the end with the feathers) M

When is it legal to use a bow and arrow?

That depends on where you live, and what you are hunting. In the U.S. most states have a bow hunting season, likely it will run from late September/ Early October to perhaps January or February for species such as whitetail deer.. Steve J., Fremont, Ohio

How do you use a bow and arrow?

it's actually very simple and easy to use a bow and arrow all you have to do is put the end of the arrow on the string (the arrow will have a little slit where you can put the string in) you aim at your target and pull the string straight back and you will get a perfect shot :)

Did the ancient Celts use bows and arrows in battle?

Yes, but rarely. The Celts preferred close, hand to hand, and, ideally, one on one combat. Thus, swords, axes, and spears were the main weapons the Celts used. They saw killing an enemy from afar as cowardly and unjust, thus, bows and other ranged weapons were rare.

What did native Americans use bow and arrows for?

The bow was used as a hunting tool in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. It was a long range weapon which could knock down almost any opponent. It's precision could find a vital spot on the enemy thus killing it. Many Natives were skilled in the art of the bow and could deliver a blow whenever they wished. The bow was made out of wood depending on which tribe it was. The arrow had a thin wooden shaft with a flint tip and feathers at the end which gave it more accuracy. The bow and arrow was a very threatening weapon delivering killing blows to any living being.

What did the Inuit use bow and arrows for?

All peoples using bows before the era of firearms (guns) used arrows for killing game animals for both food and clothing. . Europeans and Asians used them for bear, deer, fox, and wolves, to name a few. North Americans (present day Canada & US) used the bow and arrow for buffalo, elk, bear, deer, antelope, rabbits, squirrels, to name a few. . Alaskans (Inuit, etc.) used the bow for seals, walrus, polar bear, wolves, carribou, brown & black bears, and smaller game animals. . As with firearms, bows were also used in warfare; which were often caused by territorial disputes (today called trespassing).

Did knights use the bow and arrow?

Yes they did use bow and arrows. In regarding a medieval European knight, it would be very unusual for one of them to personally use a bow and arrow in warfare, or even in hunting. This is because the bow was considered a 'cowards' or 'commoners' weapon. Generally a knight would recruit - conscript would probably be a better word - peasants and similarly lowly people to shoot at other people for him.

Did Indians use bows and arrows in the French and Indian War?

Yes. But not common. Even though they could fire up to nine timesfaster than a flintlock, the bows required great strength skill andtraining to operate. The musket was a very easy weapon to use.Another thing is when natives where in the bradock expadition theywere sharpshooters. while muskets are less accurate and more noisy,you might be able to see the marksman because of the direction thebow came from. and when a bow is fired from a long rage, you mightbe able to dodge a bow. The majoraty of the natives chose the nonskillfull musket. But some, going for rate of fire, honner, andstrength went with the bow. Archery required alot of practice. TheBEST archers in the native american tribes could hit a target at100 meters. the average musket man could hit one at 75 meters whilea new one could do 50 meters and like boys the best could get 100meters. If you were a native in the french and indain war, myadvice is take the honer take the strength take the skill and takeadvantage that it could shoot up to nine times fater, the bow andarrow

Why do people use the bow and arrow today?

Some people use the bow and arrow for recreational purposes, such as archery practice. Bow and arrows are not, however, still part of the military arsenal. Bow and Arrow are still used in hunting. The bow and arrow are light weight, quiet, effective and just plain fun.

Did the Greek phalanx use bow and arrows?

The Greeks did use archers, but they weren't part of the phalanx, which relied on interlocking shields. If archers were in use, they would be located well behind the phalanx formation.

Who used a medieval bow and arrow?

Everyone did, but after the Crusades a new class began to form and that was the yeoman. He was basically a mercenary that sold his talents with the bow for a price or he robbed people of their gold while they were on the road. He was the first "free" man who didn't own allegiance to the king.

Can small yarn be used for a bow and arrow?

It is obvious that no kind of yarn will work as an arrow. It is most likely any type of yarn would not be strong enough to serve as the string for a bow. If you are lucky, and do not have an enormous amount of tension on the bow, the yarn might hold up for a few shots, but it certainly would not last very long. Unless, of course, you use yarn made from nylon or some other strong material. As an emergency, I have used dental floss to string a bow. It lasted for the time I needed it, but it has started to fray in several locations because of the strain.

Did maori use bows and arrows?

Before Europeans came to NZ, the Maoris did not use any projectile weapons such as bows and arrows, javelins, or boomerangs in tribal wars. The Europeans introduced Muskets into NZ and soon this modern weapon changed the power balances between tribes. The popularization of more deadly modern weapons and the continuity of long history of tribal/family feuds, the invasion of whites, as well as the breakout of old continent plagues cause Maori population plummet.

What early humans used bow and arrows?

Derived from the history of archery (linked below) it seems that all people have, at some point in time, used a bow and arrow with few exceptions; ancient peoples in Australia and some in the pacific islands are not noted to have used the bow and arrow (although they did have another type of spear (arrow) that was thrown by a type of amplification (bow)).

When was the bow and arrow used?

The people who came to Australia 50,000 years ago brought the bow and arrow with them. They also settled Tasmania. The people on Tasmania discontinued making bows and arrows. Bows and arrows are still used today.

Did nomads use bow and arrows to hunt?

No. To hunt, nomads would dress up like female antelope andinterested male antelope would come over. Then, the nomads wouldjump out and begin making fun of the antelope mercilessly, whowould then be so embarresed, he would BEG to be eaten. More oftenthan not, the nomads were happy to oblige.

Why did the Comanche use the bow and arrow?

The Comanche used bow and arrows because they had no fire-arms,when guns and cannons arrived with European settlers the Comanches were terrified of these loud machines. Comanche along with other native American tribes had thousands of years worth of heritage were able to learn the best wood to use to create bows and arrows and be able to use the bow with deadly accuracy. Comanches lived on open plains and desserts so riding on a horse with a bow and arrows witch can kill at a distance is more practical than running around with a club. Comanches were excellent warriors along with the Zuni and Apache tribe not only with bow and arrows but with hand to hand that their fighting styles are still taught to the US special forces today.

What did the Cheyenne Indians use bow and arrows for?

Like all Plains tribes the Cheyenne used the ordinary bow ( ma'tsheshke ) and arrows ( maahotse ) for both hunting and warfare. Cheyenne bows were between 33 and 52 inches long, the shorter ones made of mountain sheep horn reinforced with sinew, the longer type made of Osage orange wood, hickory or ash wood. Arrows were 24 to 28 inches and made of dogwood, fitted with turkey, buzzard or eagle feathers and metal points. The shafts were typically painted with multiple bands of colour and feathers could be trimmed into very distinctive shapes. Because of the striped turkey feathers typically used by Southern Cheyenne, the tribe was often called "Striped Feather Arrows". A set of four sacred arrows, kept in a "medicine bundle" and entrusted to a long line of selected "keepers", were considered to be living things given to the tribe by Maheo (the creator God). They represented the entire Cheyenne people and were venerated as Holy. Each arrow was considered to be worth 100 horses. The first link below takes you to an image of an original Cheyenne bow and arrow case, which was worn horizontally across the back: The second link is a drawing by Cheyenne warrior Howling Wolf of himself using a bow for hunting a buffalo - his name is drawn above him in pictorial form and he seems to have used four arrows already without killing the animal (he is shooting from the buffalo's left, when hunters usually shot from the right):

What are bows used for as in bow and arrow?

Bows and arrows were mainly used to hunt and to fend off enemies to defend their tribe but, the bow was the thing that shot the arrow which is a sharp stick with a metal point.

What wars were fought using bow and arrows?

the war between lord rama and ravan, the battle of mahabharata Bows and arrows would work okay if you had the advantage of being higher than your enemy. That would be if you were in a turret of a fort, or on a hill overlooking the enemy.

Could roman ancient bow and arrow turn deadly?

Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people. Of course they could tun deadly. They were weapons. They were used in hunting to kill game and in warfare to kill people.

What do you use the bow and arrow for in Zelda?

It is frequently used as a tool to hit eye switches on walls, but in certain games, e.g. OoT, it can be upgraded to have different kinds of arrows, which have different uses, Fire Arrows = Melt Ice, Light Arrows = Kill Enemies.

How did the greek goddess Artemis get her golden bow and arrow?

Actually Artemis had silver bow and arrows. Her twin brother, Apollo, had golden bow and arrows. Artemis got her silver bow and arrows from her father, Zeus, by asking him when she was very young. She also asked to be a Virgin forever, and to have a pack of girl dogs and to have huntresses to tend to her

What are ancient bows and arrows made of?

Ancient bows and arrows were made from natural resources. The bow itself was usually made from various kinds of wood or animal bone or horns. The string was crafted from hide or sinew. Arrows were made entirely from wood.

Which greek gods used bows and arrow?

Bows and arrows are typically found as symbolic links to Apollo andArtemis. Cyclopes fashioned Artemis her Cydonianbow and arrows,saying that what beasts or monsters she killed with them theCyclopes could eat. Apollo's bow and arrows were said to be fromLyctian .