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A large war happened: the Peloponessian Wars (431 to 404 BC). Athens and Sparta went to war then their allies joined in. After many long bloody years, Sparta finally won and there were years of peace. But Sparta was severely weakened. Then Athens revolted. There was no unity among the city-states and Sparta had lost much of its empire. In 338 BC, the Macedonians under Philip II and his son Alexander conquered Greece, and the subsequent empires were eventually subsumed by Rome between 149 and 146 BC.
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Which came first ancient Egyptian civilization or greek civilization?

Egyptian civilization was among the earliest on Earth, beginning several thousand years BC. The Greek civilization in the Aegean occurred much later, following the Minoan and

When did the ancient Greece civilization begin and end?

The ancient Greek civilization began approximately 700 years BC and ended in 146 BC with the Roman victory at the Battle of Corinth. It ended when the superior Romans came and

What did Homer do that was important the ancient greek civilization?

He wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey. Not only did he write the Iliad and the Odyssey... He helped to organize the pantheon of Greek gods, he gave the Greeks role models to liv

When did ancient Egypt civilization end?

    Answer     When Cleopatra killed her self by snake bite. The Romans took over Egypt that was around 30 B.C.E.

Why did the ancient Greek civilisation come to an end?

Greek (Hellenic) civilization transited from Classical (5th and 4th Centuries BCE) to Hellenistic from the late 4th Century BCE (included the peoples in the east conquered by

When and why did ancient Egyptian civilization end?

in 300 b.c, Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. it then went to the Ptolemy rule until about 33 B.C., when the Romans took over from Cleopatra VII.   what is the ptolemy

Why did the ancient greek civilization collapse?

  It did not really collapse it merely changed first from Greece to Macedonian though keeping the central tenets of art archaeology and mythology and then when Alexander t

How did the Greek civilization come to an end?

After the Pelloponisian war the Greeks were separated and hated each other but they were still too strong to be beaten and the Romans knew that because the Greeks had many com

When did the greek civilization begin and end?

Ancient Greek civilization had a long and illustrious history.  Historical and archaeological records indicate that the  civilization had its earliest beginnings in the Neol

How did the ancient greek civilization begin?

The earliest Greek people were the Minoans. They lived on the  island of Crete 3000 years ago and their civilization lasted for  2000 years. Greece is a peninsula that is ea

What were the periods in ancient Greek civilization?

The periods of ancient Greek civilization were:    The Archaic Period - 9th to 6th Century BCE   The Classical Period - 5th to 4th Century BCE   The Hellenistic