How did barbados get its name?

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The word "barbados" is Portuguese for "bearded (ones)" -- similar to the Spanish word "barbudos" -- but it is not conclusively known what the term was referring to. It could be the roots of the 'bearded fig' trees, or the natives, or even the seafoam around the islands. The name was first applied to the island as early as 1519.
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Where is Barbados?

Barbados is surrounded by water. To the west and south, there is the Caribbean Sea. To the north and east, there is the Atlantic ocean. Barbados is part an island chain stretching between North America South America. Barbados is in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela.

The coastline in barbados?

I don't fully understand the question and thus I would give you general information on the coastline of Barbados, which I found here:

What is the culture for barbados?

Barbados is a cosmopolitan country that has a strong character. Thepeople are friendly, fun loving and warm. Its traditions are drawnon West African and British cultures.

How big is barbados?

Barbados is 21 mi/34 km long, 14 mi/23 km wide and 430 sq km or 166 sq miles in size.

What is Barbados like?

Barbados is like heaven on earth beautifulbeaches,hot spots and there famous Crop over in the summer I am from there so I should know when going to Barbados please be nice cuz' my people don't play.

What to wear in barbados?

Swimwear is restricted to beaches/pools. You should wear a t. shirt and shorts/skirt when going into town, etc. Most restaurants require male diners to wear a shirt with a collar and trousers (not jeans). Temperature in Barbados is usually warm all year round, so light clothing will do. You may w (MORE)

How hot is barbados?

On average the temperature varies between 28-32 degrees Celsius.But the humidity is really high so it's not really a dry heat. Ittends to also be very breezy with the cool wind coming off of thesea.

How do the barbados sound?

you mean how barbadians sound. If so we talk bajan dialect its normal english but we have our way of saying words. Example: the sentence turn down that music we pronounce it as turn dung dah msic

Who is the President of Barbados?

Barbados does not have a President because it is not a republic. Instead the head of the British Monarchy is the head of state of Barbados. In Barbados monarchy is presented by a Governor General. The current Governor General is Sir Clifford Husbands . The current Prime Minister is the RT. Honorabl (MORE)

Who is barbados governed by?

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP). The leader of the DLP and the Prime Minister of Barbados is The Right Honourable David Thompson

Scientists from barbados?

Henry haynes is the best barbadian scientist he used to live in Chapman street barbados and then died in 1965.

Inoculation for barbados?

In the United States it is advised to get a Hepatitis A vaccine whenever you travel to anywhere in the developing world. But to tell you the truth Barbados is by far one of the most advanced and developed islands in the carribean with a literacy rate of somewhere around 98 percent and the chances of (MORE)

What do barbados ware?

I am guessing you mean what do Barbadian wear? Barbadians wear western clothing (i.e. American and European clothes)

Who invaded barbados?

The Caribs and Arawak's invaded Barbados. They were both fromVenezuela. This occurred during the time of European settlement andcolonization.

What are the export of barbados?

The exports of Barbados are sugar and molasses, rum, other foods and beverages, chemicals, electrical components, and clothing.

What is the mascot of Barbados?

The closest thing to a mascot that Barbados has is the cartoon character "Ozzy Ozone." There was an effort a few years ago to have the mongoose named national mascot, but it was rejected on the grounds that it is not native to Barbados. Neither, of course, are the Barbudians...but never mind....

Barbados where is that?

Barbados is located at 13 north of the equator and 50 32' west of the prime meridian. Barbados is part of the Caribbean islands and is in North America because even though it's closer to South America it is on all the North America maps.

How old is barbados?

45 \ Barbados became independence on November 30th 1996. In 2010 it was 44. 45 years old

What were the names of famous slaves from barbados?

Tituba was one of the main accusers of the Salem witch trials. She was a slave, from Barbados, who had been blamed for witchcraft, so to spare herself named, along with many girls of the village, numerous people to be witches.

Do you get sharks in barbados?

There are sharks in Barbados. However, these sharks are not whereswimming and recreation take place. The exception is reef sharksthat are sometimes seen when one is scuba diving. These do notattack humans and are not aggressive.

What is the independence of barbados?

Barbados became independent on the 30th of November, 1966. It gained independence from the Britain. Hope that answers your question

Was Barbados a colony?

Barbados was a colony of Britain - it was the only colony that did not trade hands with any other European superpower at the time as it was heavily fortified and very hard to capture because of natural surroundings like the difficulty to launch an ambush from the sea etc.

What hurricanes Barbados?

Barbados has had no hurricanes since 1950's - hurrican Janet. However it is possible for a hurricane to hit Barbados. www. kissbarbados .com/.../do-you-know-where-barbados-is-situated- geographically-

Is there a Walmart in barbados?

If you access the Walmart home page you will find a "store locator" feature - This will help you locate all stores in the chain.

Is barbados great?

Barbados is reconmmended a great place If You Love Beaches, Adventure and The People are quite friendly so Barbados Is Great!

Do they have cars in barbados?

Of course they have cars in Barbados. Most of our cars are brought in from Eurasia as opposed to North America. For example, our Fords come from Thailand. We also may have the same model of vehicle such as somewhere in the U.S but the engine specs would be different to suit. The name of the vehicle (MORE)

What is the nickname of Barbados?

Barbados is most commonly referred to as "Bim". It is also referred to as "Bimshire" and "Little England". Originally, the name Barbados came from "Los Barbados" or "The Bearded One" because of the bearded fig trees.

Are there jungles in barbados?

in a nut shell, no. there are no 'jungles' in barbados. however, in places there are jungle like conditions. lots of tropical, overgrown plants create a jungle like atmosphere. so it is how you define a jungle

When was Barbados created?

Barbados was colonized by Britain in 1625 and was under uninterrupted British control until it became independent in 1966.

What is Barbados famours for?

Barbados is a popular tourist destination and it is famous for its beautiful weather, scenery, beaches and its friendly people. The island also lays claim to being the first country to produce rum......even if this is not true it is definitely one of the first producers of rum. Barbados is also famo (MORE)

What are barbados allies?

As our father of independence said... we are "friends of all andsatellites of none"- Proud Barbadian Citizen

What can you do in barbados?

Many things. Barbados has many things to offer including: The beaches The food The night life The weather The views And many more things to do and see.

Who Is the prisident of barbados?

First of all Barbados doesn't have a president due reasons I do not know. Barbados is a small place so we Have a "Prime Minister" and the current Prime Minister of Barbados is "Mr.Freundel Stuart"

Is Barbados popular?

It is one of the better known islands in the Caribbean. It is lauded as it is the home of superstar Rihanna. Barbados is noted as having some of the best beaches in the world.

Why does Barbados not get snow?

Barbados is an island located in the Caribbean. It is generally warm and sunny all year. The average daytime temperature for the year is 75- 85 degrees F. At night, it is slightly cooler. For snow to fall, the temperature needs to be about 32 degrees F. In Barbados, it is too warm for snow to fall. (MORE)

What is the origin of the name Barbados?

This island's name is thought to have originated from the Portuguese las barbados, meaning "the bearded"; so-called because vines or moss hung densely from the trees. A person who lived there was referred to as a Barbadian (1732).