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There are a number of legends associated with the origin of the name Delhi. One is that it is derived from Dhillu or Dilu, a king of Mauryan dynasty who built a city at this location in 50 BC and named it after himself.[6][13][14] Another legend holds that the name of the city is based on the Hindi/Prakrit word dhili (loose) and that it was used by the Tomaras to refer to the city because the Iron Pillar of Delhi had a weak foundation and had to be moved.[14] The coins in circulation in the region under the Tomaras were called dehliwal.[15] According to the Bhavishya Purana, King Prithviraj Chauhan, of Indraprastha built a new fort in the modern-day Purana Qila area for the convenience of all four castes in his kingdom. He ordered the construction of a gateway to the fort and later named the fort dehali.[16] Some historians believe that the name is derived from Dilli, a corruption of dehleez or dehali-both terms meaning 'threshold' or 'gateway'- and symbolic of the city as a gateway to the Gangetic Plain.[17][18] Another theory suggests that the city's original name was Dhillika.[19]
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Where is Sardulgarh from Delhi?

Hi,. Are you asking about Sardulgarh in Masa Distt. of punjab? If so.. then here you go:. 1) Take NH 10 from delhi (towards Rohtak) follow NH10 for about 250 KM. Cities you will creoss would be Rohtak (follow byepass) --> Meham --> Hansi --> Hisar (follow byepass) --> Fatehabad --> Sirsa.. 2) Afte (MORE)

Why do you like delhi?

Many people love Delhi for the history and culture surrounding thearea. The Red Fort, Hamayun's Tomb, India Gate, and Lotus Templeare must-see attractions when visiting Delhi. The Lodi Gardens, a90-acre park in Delhi, contains Mohammed Shah's Tomb andmagnificent 15th century architecture.

When did Delhi become New Delhi?

Delhi is a state which has got several districts. One of the district is New Delhi which is the central part of the Delhi state. India Gate, CP, Parliament, Supreme court and all major central govt offices are situated in New Delhi. Old Delhi is generally reffered to the old Walled city (Chandni cho (MORE)

What are the minerals found in Delhi and name the industries which use them?

The minerals found in Delhi, I am not sure about. But I do know this that there are some industries which use them. Some of them are:. 1) Alka minerals and chemicals. 2) Chemico Industry. 3) Dee Kay minerals. 4) Deepika minerals and chemicals. 5) Graphite & Co.. 6) MCA Industries. 7) P.S. Ind (MORE)

What is Delhi?

Delhi is a metropolitan city in North India. New Delhi (a part of Delhi) is however the capital of India. Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has been the capital city of the country since a long time. Delhi was called Hastinapur during the rule of the Kauravas and Pandavas (as in the (MORE)

What is the population of Delhi?

Population of Delhi in 2010 was - 18,000,000 (18 million)(approx). According to 2001 Census of India, the population of Delhi was 13,782,976. In 2004 this figure increased to 15,279,000. The population of Delhi is expected to rise 40% by the year 2020. . 154795587214 .1 million people how many pe (MORE)

Is Delhi a state?

Delhi is officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). It is not an Indian State.

What is the climate in delhi?

Delhi's weather is being divided according to months:- rainy season, autumn season, winter season, spring season and Summer season rainy season July & august . autumn season- September & October, Winter season- November, December & January , Spring season- February& March, Summer season- April (MORE)

How does property in delhi?

Yes it good to have property in delhi. As it is jobseekers are keeping move to this city. So you can purchase properties in delhi

What is NCT of Delhi?

NCT of delhi refers to National Car Test. Today,there are more than 87,000 vehicles in the NCT of Delhi ,which are running o CNG.

Who is the one of most familiar names in Delhi theatre?

Arvind Gaur ( अरविन्द गौड़ ), Indian theatre director.. Arvind Gaur is the leader of Asmita theatre- Delhi's "most prolific theatre group,committed to aesthetically innovative and socially relevant theatre.

Name Delhi theater groups?

%. ACME Theatre Tarun Anand Bali (Director) 43/9 Ashok Nagar Tilak Nagar New Delhi , Delhi - 110018 Mobile: 9891173398 Email: Asmita Theatre Group Arvind Gaur (Director) Mobile: 9899650509,. Adi Natya Drishti Robin Das (Director (MORE)

Which is the river of DELHI?

Yamuna is the river passing through Delhi. I originates from place Yamnotri in Himalayas and merges in another river Ganga (also known as Ganges). The merged river is known as Ganga and hen merges into Bay of Bengal Sea.

Why delhi is not a state?

Delhi is a Union Territory it does not belong to any state. Union Terriotories are under the direct Control and Supervision of the Central Government. There are 7 such union Territories in India which are directly governed by the Central Govt. Union Territories do not have any state Government (MORE)

Delhi is in which state?

It's located in north central India. It's located in north central India. It's located in north central India. It's located in north central India. It's located in north central India. It's located in north central India.

Where is Bombay and Delhi?

Bombay (now called Mumbai) is a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea in the state of Maharashtra; India's most populous city; has the only natural deep-water harbour in western India. Delhi is a city in north central India. New Delhi is the capital of India

What is the process of name change in delhi?

You need to go a a court, lower or district court and need to do an affidavit through a lawyer who should charge you a nominal fee. Once the affidavit is done, you need to publish this change in the local newspaper. Keep a cutting of this with you once published. Your name is changed. Now, anywhe (MORE)

How has Delhi changed?

Infrastructure and education have played a big role in development of Delhi, opening of private offices in Delhi/NCR changed the lifestyle of Delhities with handsome pay packages being offered to the employees. There has been a tremendous increase in entertainment and leisure activities and lot of p (MORE)

What is the time in Delhi?

The time zone in the state of Delhi, India is called India StandardTime. The current time in Delhi is 3:38 P. M.

What are the names of rulers of delhi sultanate?

MAIN RULERS OF DELHI SULTANATE Slave Dynasty: . Qutb-ud-din Aibak . Iltutmish . Razia Sultana . Nasir-ud-din Mahmud . Balban Khalji Dynasty: . 1) Jalaluddin Khalji . 2) Alauddin Khalji Tugluq Dynasty: . Ghias-ud-din Tugluq . Mohammed-bin Tugluq . Firoz Shah Tugli (MORE)

Who is the architect of delhi?

Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens a british architect played an instrumental role in designing and building a section of the metropolis of Delhi, known as New Delhi. In collaboration with Herbert Baker, he was also the main architect of several monuments in New Delhi such as the India Gate; he also design (MORE)

What is the especility of delhi?

Redfort, Lotus Temple, Great Indian Palace, Fun Town and Kingdom of Dreams are some of the specialties of Delhi infrastructure along with road side bhalle papri and Gol gappe, You will able to find lot of food joints in Delhi lined up with the people.

How long is Delhi?

Dehli has a maximum Length of 51.9 km (32 mi) and the macimum Width of 48.48 km (30 mi).

How delhi has developed?

Infrastructure and education have played a big role in development of Delhi, opening of private offices in Delhi/NCR changed the lifestyle of Delhities with handsome pay packages being offered to the employees. There has been a tremendous increase in entertainment and leisure activities and lot of p (MORE)

What state is Delhi in?

Delhi is officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). It is not in any Indian State.

Name delhi baolis and there location?

Baolis or stepwells were built to collect rainwater during the monsoons and allow people to access the receding water through the year. They are examples of the many types of storage and irrigation tanks that were developed, mainly to cope with seasonal fluctuations in water availability. The majori (MORE)

Who discovered delhi?

mythologically it is believed that delhi was discovered by the pandavas and named as indraprastha but if we think it as a myth we can accept thet it was found by the tomar dynasty

How do you correct your name which misspelled in your degree from Delhi university?

Write to the university explaining the problem and try to include COPIES (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS AT THIS STAGE) of your degree and some other form of official ID (Birth Certificate, Driving License, Passport, etc). They should get back to you and request that you send your original degree back to t (MORE)

Where to get Beyblades in delhi?

If you live in Delhi or Noida, you'll be certainly knowing aboutG.I.P mall. In Shoppers Stop 2nd floor, you'll find the mostawesome beyblades. If the G.I.P does not suite you, you can go toSpice mall, in Zoddy's House on 1st floor. If you live inGhaziabad, you can go to Shipra Mall, in Shoppers Stop (MORE)

Is agra in delhi?

Agra, the former capital of Hindustan, is a city on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is 363 kilometres (226 mi) west of the state capital, Lucknow, and 200 kilometres (124 mi) south of the national capital New Delhi.

What can you do in Delhi?

You can visit the Red Fort, at one time there was an evening lightand sound show about the history of the fort and the region. Delhi is also famous for food here you can test India Food, ChineseFood, Muglai Food, Thai Food. There are many Temples where you canvisit like Akshar Dam Temple, Jhandewala (MORE)

How do you reach new Delhi from Delhi?

Um, this question doesn't make sense because New Delhi and Delhi are actually one city. The city New Delhi was changed back to Delhi recently. There is no difference between the two...

Is delhi in haryana?

No, Delhi is Saperste state like Haryana. boundary of Delhi touchesHaryana. But they both are saperate states.

Who gave name to Delhi?

prithvi raj chauhan my email id is all can msg me abt this answer

What was the Delhi Sultanate?

Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the Second Battle of Tarain (1192) and laid the foundations of Muslim rule in India. The period between 1206-1526 in India's history is known as the Delhi Sultanate. During this period of over 320 years, five Muslim dynasties ruled in Delhi. These were: (MORE)

How is food of delhi?

The food of Delhi is really very good. The people of Delhi eatfoods such as kababs, tandoori chicken, and boti kebab.

Kullu to Delhi?

The distance between Kullu to Delhi is about 499.4 kilometres. Ittakes approximately 8 hours and 42 minutes to reach Delhi.

How many US cities are named Delhi?

Delhi is a city in Delaware County,Iowa. Delhi is a city in Redwood County, Minnesota. Delhi is a townin Richland Parish, Louisiana. Delhi is a town in Delaware County,New York. Delhi Township is a township in Hamilton County,Ohio.