How did god punish rehoboam when he promoted idol-worship?

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Rehoboam was the king of the two tribe kingdom of Judah and Benjamin. For a time Rehoboam walked closely to the laws of Jehovah the Universal Sovereign. However, when his kingship was firmly established he abandoned Jehovah's worship and led Judah in the practice of detestable sex and idol worship (1Kings 14:22-24; 2Chronicles 12:1). This in turn provoked Jehovah's anger and in expression of it he raised up the king of Egypt, Shishak who together with his allies overran the land and captured a number of cities in Judah in the fifth year of Rehoboam's reign. However, because of Rehoboam's and his princes humbled themsleves in repentance, Jerusalem was spared. Nonetheless, the treasures of the temple in Jerusalem and the king's house, including the gold shields that Solomon had made, were taken by Shishak as his spoil 1Kings 14:25-28; 2Chronicles 12:2-12 (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures). Other translations can be found at JW.ORG.
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