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How did medieval people think the black death could be cured?

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There was no cure for the black death. However some doctors said you should use leeches to suck the blood out! Others suggested a fire to keep the bad smell away. many people carried little bundles of sweet smelling herbs to sniff called posies. Some people beleived the plague was God punishing them for their sins so they went to church more frequently.
Doctors of the Middle Ages thought the plague was caused by humid air being contaminated by the smells of decaying bodies or bad sanitation. They advised the people to practice good diet, get rest, and move to places where the air was cleaner. As a preventative, they used herbs to scent the air.
Some people thought if God was punishing them for their sins, they should whip and hurt themselves, and God would take pity on them and stop the horrible pain.
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