How did men act when they returned home from World War 1?

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What were the roles played by men and women at home during world war 1?

Most men were sent to war whether they liked it or not. They served in the armed forces at sea, on land or in the air. Those who didn't go were wanted to do the jobs the soldi

What happen to women when men returned from World War 2?

Most women lost their jobs when the men came back from war. Men then went into the jobs women were doing. Women went back to being house wives; some women did not like this. I

Men returned from fighting in World War 2?

In the US the government was in a hurry to shrink the military quickly and start saving money. As quickly as they could be processed men were given a discharge and sent on the

Which of these men was most closely related to the return on normalcy policy following World War 1?

Just saying which of these without saying who these are will notallow someone to know the answer. It is important to include all ofthe question and answer choices so someone w

Why were the soldiers angry after returning home from World War I?

There were a number of reasons, some of them strictly personal. The reason which outraged all soldiers, and has echoed down the decades since WW1, is that many soldiers r