How did new technology add to the destruction during world war 1?

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What new technology was created during World War 1?

Poison Gas(Mustard Gas which were dropped from planes on enemy trenches designed to make the eyes tear and itch, throat clog up, eventually die if exposed to long), Machine Gu

How did new technology affect the fighting on the western front during world war 1?

This is a answer that's isn't fully but: In the ww1 the big invention was the tank. The WW1 is famously because of his huge deads in trench-wars. When the English had invenste

What technology used during world war 1 was not new?

The idea of trench warfare was not new, but was taken to its extreme. The basic firearms were still present (pistol, rifle, machine guns, and cannon) but had more advanced ver

What was the effect of new technologies introduced during World War 1?

Barbed wire, machine guns, poison gas, tanks, airplanes, and submarines changed warfare as the world knew it. War used to be based solely on number and how fast you could marc