How did new technology add to the destruction during world war 1?

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What impact did new technology have on World War 1?

Tanks, airplanes, machine guns, grenades, and chemical warfare were employed for the first time in World War 1. Because of technological advancements at this time in history warfare was changed because the much more efficient weapons made it much easier to kill the enemy and eliminated chivalry. B (MORE)

How did new technology affect World War 1?

In 1915, new technology had once again created weapons that were more powerful and deadly than the old ones. For one thing, in April 1915, Germany began using poison gas as a weapon. The gas burned lungs & blinded eyes. Soon, both sides used gases against each other. Germany continued developing dea (MORE)

What were the new weapons discovered during world war 1?

Tank, aircraft, poison gas . \nThe most important weapon invented and used in WWI was the Tank.\nThe aircraft as a weapon was used extensively for the first time in WWI for reconnaisance, artillery spotting, bombing, and strafing - the aircraft was used as a weapon to a limited extent in earlier (MORE)

What were the 4 new types of technology in war world 1?

1. Tanks 2. Machine guns 3. Poison gas 4. Trench warfare . Actually, only the first of the above list were "new" technologies. All of the others were invented long beforehand, and were used in other conflicts well before WW1. A list of technologies first effectively employed in WW1; th (MORE)

What new technologies were introduced in World War 1?

Many new technologies were introduced in World War I. A few of themost significant were poisonous gases of various kinds utilized byboth sides in the conflict; militarily effective aircraft, bothfixed-wing and dirigible types; helmet-design; and armored fightingvehicles or, as the British dubbed the (MORE)

What were the new technologies of World War 1?

Actually, no. The British invented tanks around 1914; German efforts in tank development did not begin until the British Mark I was first deployed against the Germans in 1916. Back to the original question: I'm going to answer assuming that the question refers to only technologies invented DURING (MORE)

What new technology and weapons was used in World War 1?

There were many things like machine guns and Artillary, which are giant cannons. Also there was gas grenades. There were planes,artillery,flamethrowers,machineguns,chlorine and mustard gas shells which would choke your lungs in 5 minutes, submarines, and that is about all i can name. Also, a less kn (MORE)

What was some new technology used in World War 1?

gas was used as a weapon that choked and blinded the enemy. also, airplanes were beginning to be used. artillery, tanks, rifles, and machine guns were weapons used, but I'm not positive if they were new.

What new weapons were developed during World War 1?

Tanks (armored cars) were used for the first time at the Battle of the Somme during World War 1. More modern tanks were developed just before the end of the war. Anti-aircraft guns, sub-machine guns, and automatic rifles that could be used by one man, were developed during World War 1. The hand g (MORE)

What New technology that was used in World War 1?

WWI was the beginning of the naval battle between England and Germany and who could get the best battle fleets. \n. Germany was producing large amounts of high tech battle cruisers whereas England produced fewer yet more advanced models. \n. WWII the USA introduced the Aircraft carrier which to da (MORE)

What new technology was created during World War 1?

Poison Gas(Mustard Gas which were dropped from planes on enemy trenches designed to make the eyes tear and itch, throat clog up, eventually die if exposed to long), Machine Guns(First used by the Germans), Tanks, Trench Warfare(Generals and Commanders ordered their soldiers to attack in large waves (MORE)

What was radio technology during World War 1?

Wireless radio became very popular during WWI as a source of news and entertainment. The invention of the wireless radio and newer smaller radios that were less expensive allowed more middle class families to own what was on a luxury item reserved for the wealthy. As radio became more popular, such (MORE)

What new technology devloped in world war 1?

There are several things that were first used in WW1 like submarines, machine guns and fighter planess. The first sub-machine gun was developed during WW1 but the war ended before in came in to service.

How did new technology change warfare during first World War?

It is easy if u think about it now we have silencers, semi- automatic weapons, 50 cals, and tank piercing weapons. also the military has the best newest technology available before society even knows about it. world war I and WWII were wars which technology was combined with weapons. pure synergy.

Who was the new Russian leader during World War 1?

The Russian leader at the start of the war was Tsar Nicholas II. The Tsar was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the 1917 Revolution, whose leader, Lenin, took Russia out of the war after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.

What does not represent advances in technology during World War 1?

E2020: U-Boat World War 1 was known as the "War to end all Wars". There were many things within the war which did not represent advances in technology. For instance, digging of a trench was not an advancement in technology, as that has been done for hundreds of years. Hand to hand combat also does (MORE)

What were the new military technologies is World War 1?

There were many, more than in any war up to this point. The list I shall give is probably not all of them. The tank was invented by a British officer as a way to get across no-mans land and over trenches. It was impervious to all but artillery so machine-guns and rifles were useless. Also gas was us (MORE)

What technology used during world war 1 was not new?

The idea of trench warfare was not new, but was taken to its extreme. The basic firearms were still present (pistol, rifle, machine guns, and cannon) but had more advanced versions, such as the 1911 Colt semi-automatic pistol, the M-1 rifle, the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Thompson submachine g (MORE)

What new technology did America use in World War 1?

well, the first use of the tank was used by Americans, whereas they had lees than 100 tanks ww1 was the first time American soldiers were given an IQ test the first x-rays were used and the first blod bank was established! there's a lot more, this video should help you . See related link for (MORE)

What was the effect of new technologies introduced during World War 1?

Barbed wire, machine guns, poison gas, tanks, airplanes, and submarines changed warfare as the world knew it. War used to be based solely on number and how fast you could march. Now all that mattered was who got there first. By liberally placing barbed wire, they could just sit there with machine gu (MORE)

How did technology change during World War 1?

Technology did not really change so much during World War 1,but this was the first war that made extensive use of all thetechnologies previously developed between the 1850s and the early20th century in a manner that had significant effects on the warboth tactically and strategically.

How did technology during world war 1 effect the outcome of the war?

It helped the soldiers and army easily attack and defendthemselves. ---- Technology changed warfare forever beginning with WWI. The machine gun was the greatest technology, it put so much leaddown range that soldiers walking in Napoleonic style would begunned down in minutes. Believe it or not the (MORE)

What military technology existed during world war 1?

Tanks ( first used in the Somme campaign), miitary aircraft including Zeppelins, Fighters and bombers, Submarines, all were used big-time in the Great War along with more subtle devices as sound location detectors by Czarist Russia and much spy technology, also by the Russians. The White Russian Blo (MORE)