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How did nicky cruz join the mau maus?

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he went through their initiation ceremony. out of having a knife thrown at him or getting beaten up by 5 of the toughest gang members he chose getting beaten up and wasn't able to move for 10 days!
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What was the mau mau revolution in Kenya about?

The Mau Mau Rebellion occurred in Kenya, then a British colony, between 1952 and 1956 in an attempt to permit native Africans to access the Kenya highlands which were mostly o

How old was nicky cruz when he joined the mau maus?

Nicky was 16. Nicky's personal story of his life is called "Run Baby Run". David Wilkerson's story is much better known, and is called "The Cross and the Switchblade". Both a
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When and why the mau mau started?

Mau Mau was started in early 1950s.It was found by Kikuyu community to fight the white men in Kenya in order to get independence.anyone interested on the whole story write to
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Who were the Mau Mau in Kenya?

The "Mau Mau" were insurgents who fought against British colonial rule in 1950s Kenya: the exact derivation, and even precise meaning, of the term "Mau Mau" is contested. What