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How did oskar schindler change throughout the movie?

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Oskar Schindler at the beginning was a typical German. As the war went on, he witnessed how the Jews were treated. He felt pity and started to pay for them to work at his factory. He is credited with saving almost twelve hundred Jews.
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Why did oskar schindler change?

Oskar Schindler changed by means of becoming a better person (I assume that IS what you mean by "changed") and saved hundreds of Jews from being killed at the height of WWII.

How did Oskar Schindler change history?

he saved the lives of around a thousand Jews in order to keep them out of death camps. his 1000 Jews have now spread and are currently over 6 thousand.

Where did Oskar Schindler come from?

He was born in Svitavy in what is now the Czech Republic. It is just across the border from Zwittau in Germany and was part of the Sudetenland.

What are character traits of oskar schindler?

Before transformation: Ruthless Ignorant Callous Uncaring Unfaithful Ambitious Malicious Con artist Womanizer Greedy Cheater Self-centered Complicate