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How did people make soap in colonial times?

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What did the poor people eat in the colonial times?

They ate breads (often made with grains like corn rather than expensive wheat) and boiled grains (porridge); squashes, lots of beans and peas, sometimes the occasional boiled (MORE)

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How often did people bathe in colonial times?

Colonists believed that bathing too often was bad for one person's health. Bathing was believed to rob the skin of precious oils that protected a person from diseases. The col (MORE)

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What makes people watch soap operas?

  According to some research studies, people watch soap operas because they help them escape problems in their own everyday lives.   One study on this subject also clai (MORE)

Honeybees continue to vanish and answers remain elusive

The honeybee is disappearing at an alarming rate and the reasons why remain a mystery. The strange problem, known as Colony Collapse Disorder, still has not been linked to any (MORE)

What is African Black Soap?

African Black Soap is a curative soap made from 100% natural ingredients. Loved by people with all different skin types, the product has the ability to cure almost any skin ai (MORE)

6 Uses for Bar Soap

If you don't use bar soap at your sinks or in the shower in favor of liquid, you might have a bar or two hanging around the house. Soap has many different uses besides washin (MORE)

Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Soap

In preparing for a close shave, there are two options available, shaving cream and shaving soap. In recent years, shaving cream has gained in popularity; both are highly benef (MORE)

Shaving Soap Options

Suds: An essential yet often overlooked ingredient in the shave. In addition to lotions, creams, gels and oils, soaps provide lubrication and protection during a shave. Use to (MORE)

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How do you make soaps from soap noodles?

Soap noodles are essentially already soap, which has been shredded or ground and pushed through an extruder dye and cut into "noodles". The soap noodles need only to be reheat (MORE)

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What did people in colonial times do for entertainment?

  Americans found entertainment in folk music, conversation, a handful of books, and newspapers. By 1750, every major city had a newspaper, and by the first half of the 18 (MORE)

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How did colonial people tell time?

Most people back then used the sun for their time-telling. Also, they had something called a sun dial, and it was a stick that cast a shadow on a certain board that they made (MORE)

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Why was grain important to people in colonial times?

Grain was important to the people in the colonial times because that is what made their food. It was used to feed animals, plant corn and wheat, and much other reasons. You mg (MORE)