How did people make soap in colonial times?


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How do you make a soap?

i recommend buying it.     But if you insist...soap is made by reacting fatty acids with hydroxides. The standard hydroxide is lye, but potassium hydroxide works too. T (MORE)

How often did people bathe in colonial times?

Colonists believed that bathing too often was bad for one person's health. Bathing was believed to rob the skin of precious oils that protected a person from diseases. The col (MORE)

What did the poor people eat in the colonial times?

They ate breads (often made with grains like corn rather than expensive wheat) and boiled grains (porridge); squashes, lots of beans and peas, sometimes the occasional boiled (MORE)

What makes people watch soap operas?

  According to some research studies, people watch soap operas because they help them escape problems in their own everyday lives.   One study on this subject also clai (MORE)
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How to Use Regular Dish Soap in a Dishwasher

Dishwashers are one of the world's greatest inventions. They can save countless hours slaving over hand washing pots and pans. However, what is a person to do when they realiz (MORE)

What Should You Know About Soaps and Detergents?

Soaps and detergents surround you in your everyday life and you most likely use them on an everyday basis. They clean surfaces as well as skin and, therefore, they are crucial (MORE)

How do you make soaps from soap noodles?

Soap noodles are essentially already soap, which has been shredded or ground and pushed through an extruder dye and cut into "noodles".The soap noodles need only to be reheate (MORE)

How did you make ink in colonial times?

Being resourceful, many colonists used a variety of pigments and  ash as inks. Soot from the fireplace, crushed berries or crushed  and boiled walnut shells and that were pr (MORE)

Who where the famous people in colonial times?

One famous person in the colonial times was, William-burg Woodlands. Check more photos of williamburg woodland on google and search images of williamburg woodland.
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How did colonial people tell time?

Most people back then used the sun for their time-telling. Also, they had something called a sun dial, and it was a stick that cast a shadow on a certain board that they made (MORE)