How did the American military feel about the atomic bomb?

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Most of the American military, and the general public, were strongly in favor of the use of the atomic bomb in World War II. The enormous casualties that would have resulted from invading Japan would certainly have exceeded anything done by the atomic bombings. A few in the military and out in the general public had strong misgivings, believing that the A-bomb made war even more horrific or perhaps ending the traditional role of the military forever.
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How did the atomic bomb save American lives?

It shortend the war by forcing the Japanese to surrender under U.S. terms. The Japanese people were not going to give up, they fought to the very end, but had it not been for the devastation of the atomic attacks we might still be fighting.Also if president Truman allowed the war to go on as it was, (MORE)

What is the military view of the dropping of the atomic bombs?

Answer . "It was an effective mission". "Cost effective". "Well done, good job". "Right On". Expressions of that nature were prevelant. Very few military leaders or at least those quoted had reservations about the strategic value of this attack, or the potential of a political backlash about ato (MORE)

When did the American people know about the Atomic Bomb?

Albert Einstein signed a letter that had been written by LeoSzilard (who had invented the atomic bomb in 1933) to FDR andwarning him that Nazi Germany might be working on atomic bombs. ThePresident ordered a preliminary study with a budget of about $6000.After the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S. (MORE)

What was the american reaction to the soviet atomic bomb?

Absolute flabbergasted surprise that those backward Russians couldactually do such a thing in 1949. The earliest prediction was thatthey might have an atomic bomb in 1952 but many predicted that itwas not possible for at least another decade.

How did Japan feel when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?

Totally defeated There is a story of a girl named Sadako and the thousand cranes. This book is a true story about a girl who was two when the atom bomb was dropped. The bomb didn't hurt her at the time but later in life it did. At the age of twelve she died from Leukaemia a disease from the atom b (MORE)

When did Americans thrown atom bomb on their solders?

That bomb was dropped on august 9, 1945 over Nagasaki. There were12 prisoners of war jailed there. The US did not know that. Anyway,it will not change anything. Compare 12 casualties against 3000 ormore if the take Japan will boot on the ground. The people waswaiting in the beach with sharpened bamb (MORE)

Were Americans supportive of atomic bomb?

Yes because the did the bomb, and stopped the war during world war II. In Japan over thousands of people were killed, and the city was destroyed. So the Americans did there wish, and stopped the war with the atomic bomb in 1945.

How did the US feel about the atomic bomb?

Most Americans did not really understand the atomic bomb, they were elated that the war was over. Some families had not seen their military family members in three or four years.

Why did the Americans drop the atomic bombs on Japan?

The invasion of the Japanese mainland would have been very hard. The battle would have been fierce and hundreds of thousands of Americans would have lost their lives or been wounded in the fight. The Japanese had weapons caches all over the place. The US expected over 2 million casualties. The dropp (MORE)

When did the Americans drop atomic bombs on Japan?

Answer: . "Little Boy", a code name for the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was detonated on the morning of August 6th, 1945.. The second bomb, codenamed "Fat Man", was detonated in the city of Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945, three days later.

What were the military arguments for dropping the atomic bomb?

There were several military arguments for using the atomic bomb against Japan in 1945. First, this would bring about an early surrender of Japan and avoid what would probably have been a prolonged struggle with much loss of life by US forces. Secondly, the USSR was already moving against Japan and h (MORE)

Why did the Americans have to use the atomic bombs?

The stated reason is "to save American lives by ending the war sooner." The real reason is to see what would happen. They could have detonated an atomic device out to sea, near enough to blow Japan's mind without blowing up so many thousands of Japan's civilians. But curiosity overrode any humane qu (MORE)

Why did Americans drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

Well there can be many different answers to this question but the one that makes the most sense to me is because the U.S. was very mad that Japan attacked the U.S. on IT'S soil (Pearl harbor) so the U.S. got so mad that they dropped a atomic bomb on Japan to end the war once and for all. Also they c (MORE)

Why did Americans attack Japan with an atomic bomb?

The Manhattan Project was the top-secret project that was developing an atomic bomb. Two were created. It was so top-secret that not even President Franklin Roosevelt's Vice President, Harry Truman, knew about it. The war in the Pacific had been going on for a while since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor (MORE)

Would you feel anything if a atom bomb went off?

It depends on if you are within the blast radius of an atomic bomb... If you are within the firey blast radius of the bomb, then no. You will feel nothing at all. The heat from an atom bomb is so intense that not only does it sear your nerve endings shut, it completely turns you into dust. So, in ot (MORE)

How did Japanese Americans feel during the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

I would think sad and mad because the Americans got nervous so they put the Japanese Americans in Concentration camps until the end of the war. their really isn't much information that I can find but I do know that the Japanese Americans were mad at the Japanese and the Americans. Japanese bombed th (MORE)

How did other countries feel when the atomic bomb was dropped on japan?

The entire world was shocked. There had never been an atom bomb in existence before and never has there been any more used in war. Some were angry, some were glad because it ended the war. Some were confused. Some people were shocked at the injuries the Japanese people suffered. You can see why atom (MORE)

How did the US feel when the first atomic bomb was dropped on nagasaki?

Mostly, it was met with hope that this would end the war. It must be remembered that we had fought a very bloody war with Japan for nearly four years and the end of it was not in sight. It was projected that there would be over one million casualties on the American side alone in an invasion of main (MORE)

What is the American codeword for preparing atom bomb?

The US nuclear program in WWII was codenamed the Manhattan Project due to the location much of the early work was done. The 1st test of a nuclear device was codenamed the Trinity Test . The bomb itself was called " The Gadget " The 1st bomb used against Japan in Hiroshima was codenamed " Li (MORE)

Which military personnel was given the job of building an atomic bomb?

The US Army Corps of Engineers. General Leslie R. Groves was put in charge of the project, which was given the overall cover title of the "Manhattan Engineer District" to confuse spies, and so is often called "The Manhattan Project". Little or none of the work actually took place in Manhattan. Grove (MORE)

What did the Japanese do to cause the Americans to drop the atomic bomb?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and sank most of the US fleet there. The US government thought that if they did not tighten the screws very fast, they might end up as cannon fodder for the Japanese empire. The Atomic Weapon was dropped on Hiroshima in order to force Japan to surrender. They d (MORE)

Did the Americans drop the first atomic bomb?

Yes. America tested the first atomic bomb in New Mexico, then dropped two on Japan to effectively end World War 2. Russia began testing atomic bombs in 1949 and many other nations have also tested them. No one besides America has used them in war.

Were there Americans in Japan when the atomic bomb dropped?

Yes, there were Americans who were interned in Japan at the start of the war. They included some business people, tourists, students, religious workers, and Japanese-Americans visiting relatives. A few had been moved to the 'safe' cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where there was little bombing. The (MORE)

When did Americans drop the atomic bomb?

The first combat use of the atomic bomb was against Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August, 1945. Three days later, on 9 August, the second (and so far last) use of a nuclear weapon in combat was made against Nagasaki, Japan.

Was the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima aimed at a military base?

During World War II, the Second General Army and Chūgoku RegionalArmy were headquartered in Hiroshima. So there were militaryfacilities there. However due to the large expected amount of damage of the explosionat the altitude of 1,968 feet above the city, there was no need toaim at any specific m (MORE)

That Americans should have dropped the atomic bomb?

Yes. You ask any living warrior from World War 2 and any offspring of those men and you will learn they are extremely grateful the atomic bombs motivated Emperor Hirohito to finally surrender. There are Japanese from that era who could tell you they were so relieved the war finally ended even though (MORE)

What percent of American people are pro atomic bombs?

I'm not aware of any polls or studies concerning this. But you have to be specific about what you mean by being "pro atomic bomb". Does it mean someone thinks we should nuke an enemy at the first sign of trouble? Is it someone who believes that nuclear bombs are an acceptable option in dealing wi (MORE)

What was the American code name for the development of atom bomb?

The American code name for the development of the Atomic Bomb was Manhattan Project There were two Atomic Bombs dropped in Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan. Americans Atomic Bomb's code name in Hiroshima is: Little Boy Americans Atomic Bomb's code name in Nagasaki is: Fat Man Source: I (MORE)

Why did the Americans develop the atom bomb?

To end the last and hopefully final World War. We also took over Japan's military and now own it, because we cannot ever trust them because they murdered innocent people with a surprise attack on pearl harbor. If someone broke into your house and tried to murder your family, would you protect yourse (MORE)