How did the Chicago fire affect Chicago?

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The city was rebuilt. Instead of tacky wooden buildings, people built skyscrapers.

Strangely it motivated the city and set it on a new course of development, modernization and innovation.
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What was the fire Chicago fire?

It was the biggest fire in the history of Chicago history. The same day was the Peshtigo Fire, which that is in Wisconsin.
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Why was the Chicago fire so great?

So great because so many people became homeless, or even died. Thefire got big quickly because the buildings were made of wood, so itwas way more flammable. But the greatest
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Who is the Chicago fire?

The Chicago Fire is a Major League Soccer club in Chicago.
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Why did Chicago rebuild after the Chicago fire?

Perhaps because a four square mile park built on ashes and rubble in the center of the city seemed to be a poor Real Estate investment at the time. It is also an American trad
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How did the Chicago fire affect the city?

The Chicago fire killed 300 people and left 100,000 homeless. Theruins were built over. A building boom began. The city plannerscame up with building codes to make the city sa