How did the Homo Sapiens Sapiens live?

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That depends on the time period. We are Homo sapiens sapiens.

When did Homo sapiens sapiens live?

ANSWER . Modern man is Homo sapiens , sometimes referred to as Homo sapiens sapiens , to distinguish us from archaic Homo sapiens or possible subspecies of Homo sapiens

Where did homo sapiens sapiens live?

Homo sapiens sapiens lived on the earth and are believed to have originated from Africa and then spread to Asia, Europe, and Australia. Eventually, they migrated to north and
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How long did homo-sapiens live?

No one really knows yet, they have found a human skull that dated back 154,000 years once, some scientists believe that we have existed for about half a million years.
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Why did Homo sapiens lived in groups?

Because its safer and easier. If you are the Alpha mail, you can make the Betas hunt and work foryou, have the women cook and worship you and have lots of childrenwith them.
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When did homo sapien sapien s live?

That's you, me and seven billion others. Early Homo sapiens (modernman) emerged about 30,000 years ago although there is some evidencein South Africa that pushes this back to