How did the Spanish Civil War lead to World War 2?

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The circumstances that led to WW 2 were dissimilar to the ones leading to the Spanish Civil War.
WW 2 was the result of appeasement by France and England. This factor was combined with the German-USSR Non-Aggression Pact of 1939.
If there had never been a Spanish Civil War, it would not have prevented WW 2. The keys to WW 2 lay with the factors previously stated.
The Spanish Civil War served as a testing ground for fascist Italy, Germany and the USSR for their new tanks and aircraft. The Rome-Berlin Axis was a result of this testing and was a significant consolidation of power between Italy and Germany which carried into WWII.

On another line of thought, the French ties with the Soviets were broken when the arms embargo that was set up by the non-intervention committee prevented France from supplying weapons to the Civil War whereas the USSR was in direct violation of this embargo. The separation of France from the USSR made it susceptible to attack, and attacked it was...
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How did the Spanish Civil War contribute to the outbreak of World War 2?

Answer . It didn't.\n. \nThe Spanish civil war was between the republicans (communists in this case, heavily backed by Stalinist Russia) and the fascists (backed by Nazi G

What did the spanish civil war have to do with World War 2?

Initially, it was a war between the fascist-leaning Nationalistsand Stalinist leaning Republicans. Eventually, foreign countriesbegan sending military forces (usually calling

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For a few reasons. The main protagonists from both sides of WW2 were active in the Spanish Civil War. Officially, everyone was supposed to remain neutral, but in fact the Germ

Why is the Spanish civil war known as a rehearsal for World War 2?

The two sides in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) were supported by major combatants in World War 2, and many new weapons and tactics were employed. Notable among the innov

Did the Spanish Civil War lead to war?

The question does not make much sense. The Spanish Civil War was a war. It did not lead to war, it was a war. In one sense though, the Spanish Civil War was a prelude to Wo

Spanish civil war was a rehearsal for many techniques that were in World War 2?

Yes, it has certainly been viewed in that way. The lessons of World War 1 were learned more quickly by some nations than others. Mobility was replacing the static defense. The

Was the spanish civil war a cause of World War 2?

Nope, it was more of a training ground for Hitler, really. Hitler tried out his planes on the battlefield, gunning down civilians and villages. It's seen more as Hitler's s

What wars lead to World War 2?

Well, the wars that were created in the World War II was the Holocaust, when the Soviet Union tried to spread communism throughout the entire world, the Vietnam War and the Ko
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How did the spanish civil war effect World War 2?

The Spanish civil war brought Italy and Germany closer together, drawing Italy away from Britain and France, it meant that the fascist rulers of Spain would be friendly to the