How did the ancient Egyptian view the Pharaohs?

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The population of Egypt in the ancient times viewed the Pharaohs as divinities (god-like beings). In ancient Egyptian mythology, the God Osiris and Isis had a son named Horus; it was believed that the Pharaoh was the reincarnation of Horus himself. And son, they followed every single one of his orders as long as he governed under Maat, the Goddess of Equality and Balance. It was said that not following her ways and the ways of the older pharaohs, there would be chaos and civil unrest.
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How did Ancient Egyptians view their Pharaohs?

Ancient Egyptians viewed their pharaohs as living gods. They werethe personification of AMUN-RA the king of gods, and when they diedthey became true gods. Therefore these phar

What views did Egyptians have about their pharaohs?

The Egyptians viewed the ruling pharaoh as a god, the son of the sun-god Ra, and not merely as a representative of the gods. He was thought to be the incarnation of the falcon

How did the Egyptians view the pharaoh?

Egyptians viewed the pharaohs as gods. Ancient Egyptians worshipedtheir pharaohs because it was thought that the pharaoh was the godof the earth, since the pharaoh was the one

Why and how did the Egyptians view the pharaoh as a god?

Pharaohs were not considered Gods but were consideredrepresentatives of the God, Horus. Oaths were sworn both to theGods as well as Pharaoh, to remind the people that they rel

What did Ancient Egyptian pharaohs do for fun?

They loved to hunt animals especially lions, but that's not it theyalso loved to play board games like one called sesun it was a gamelike chess that's some of the things they

What were the responsibilities of ancient Egyptian pharaohs?

they were basically kings of egypt... they made laws and ordered things to be built, i guess just the normal stuff a king would do :) the pharaohs were also known to be 'gods'

Why did ancient Egyptians bow to their pharaohs?

Because the ancient Egyptians honored their pharaoh as a god. They believed that the pharaoh controlled the weather and everything that happened in ancient Egypt. They did tha
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How did ancient Egyptians choose their pharaohs?

They did not choose their pharoahs, strictly speaking. Nascentpharoahs mostly indulged in fratricide, and the last one standingbecame pharoah, broadly speaking. The people had
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What views did Egyptians hold about the Pharaoh?

The pharaoh was seen as a god-king, an embodiment of the god Horus, whose spirit was supposed to enter into him as he was crowned. He was also seen as the guardian of ' maat '