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How did the bad harvest effect the french revolution?

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The bad harvests affected the FR because it resulted in the french peasents having extremely little or none to eat whilst the rich had the money to gorge themselves.
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What did the bad crops have to do with the French Revolution?

Weather conditions had produced poor growing conditions for two years in a row and the cost of cereal grains and flour had risen sharply due to the shortage. Unavailability of

What is the good and bad of the French Revolution?

Good - the issue of the declaration of rights -It abolished the evil of the old regime -it established a limited monarchy -it set up 83 departments -it curbed the po

What was one effect of the french revolution?

Nationalistic feeling were stimulated nationalism is a pride in one's country. it is a sense that nation provides the connection among those with a common language, history a

The effects of the French revolution?

Effects of the French Revolution the Clergy and Nobles did not pay taxes and the king spent to much so France was in financial failure french rulers had feasts and peants had

What was the effect of French Revolution?

  The seeds of the French Revolution were planted in part by philosophers of the Enlightenment spreading new ideals of justice, and in part by the dissatisfaction of the

How did the French Revolution effect the world?

The French revolution sent shock waves through the European monarchy. It left them all wondering who would be the next to be depose in a revolution. Many people around the w

What are causes and effects of the French Revolution?

The cause was a country in serious debt, a couple of years of low yield crops that forced the price of grain up and forced the poor to do without. A starving citizen is unhapp

What are the good and bad effects of the Industrial Revolution?

One good result of the Industrial Revolution is that it leads to may different inventions. And one bad result of the Industrial Revolution is that it pollutes the air too much

What effects did the french revolution cause?

The French revolution A revolution is an event or a period of time when great and rapid changes take place. The causes of a revolution could be that the people want: a change

French Revolution Short Term Effects?

The short term effects of the French Revolution: an unstable economy (inability to collect taxes), loss of hierarchy (1st, 2nd, 3rd estate dissolved, de-unification of France