How did the bouncing betty get its name?

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Probably from the 1930's cartoon, the sex symbol "Betty Boop." The "bouncing" came from the way the bomb skipped across the water.
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How do you know if there are any outstanding or bounced checks in your name?

If you need to know now just phone the bank you deal with, identify yourself and they will give you the information. Usually when one has a bounced check you should have a copy of it mailed out to you with NSF (Not Sufficient Funds). You also should be getting a bank statement and you should really (MORE)

Is Betty a French name?

No, the name Betty is of Dutch and English origin. It is a shortened form of Elizabeth, which is a Hebrew name.

What is a 'Bouncing Betty'?

This was a name given to a particular type of mine . The mine is a small cylindrical device that was buried in the ground, with a set of wires sticking up. When the wires were tripped, the mine exploded and shot up a charge about 4 feet into the air that exploded. The charge was not very large and (MORE)

Why does bouncing happen?

the gravitational pull of the earth makes the ball come down ,and the elastic makes it come back up.

What is a bounced email?

one that never arrives in the recipient's box but that is returned to you by the email server that you said the person was using.

How does a bouncing betty work?

Anti personnel land mine (not a anti tank mine). Once a grunt triggered the device by walking on or near it, the mine jumped into the air (hopefully above the crotch, in the minds of most infantrymen) and detonated.

What movie has a bouncing betty in it?

One good one is "The General's Daughter". The Military Police Colonel Kent purposely steps on one trying to kill CID Agents Paul Brenner (John Travolta) & Sara Sunhill (Madeleine Stowe) near the end of the movie.

What is betty boop dogs name?

\n. \n. \nThe dog's name is Pudgy. You know, if you type "What is Betty Boop's dog's name?" into Google the first hit is this: \n. \nWhat is the name of Betty's dog? - Betty Boop's Community\n1 post - 1 author - Last post: Jan 31, 2003\nWhat is the name of Betty's dog? Frequently Asked Question (MORE)

Name the team and number of Jerome Bettis?

Jerome Bettis played for the Los Angeles/St.Louis Rams from 1993 to 1995. He then played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1996 up until his retirement after the 2005 season. Jerome wore the number 36 throughout his entire career.

Is bouncing betties correct?

Yes. This was the nickname given to a type of German mine which, when an unfortunate soldier stepped on one, would spring up from its buried location and explode at about testicle level. Very worrisome.

What are some female cartoon names starting with B besides Betty Boop?

Betty Rubble ( The Flintstones ) Wilma Flintstone ( The Flintstones ) Daisy Duck Minnie Mouse Jane Jetson & Judy Jetson (Wife & Daughter of George Jetson from The Jetson's ) Smurfette & Sasset (The ONLY Girl SMURFS from The Smurfs ) All the Girls from Scooby Doo Those are all tha (MORE)

What was Betty White's husbands name?

Betty White was married three times. Betty's first husband was Dick Barker, who she married and divorced in 1945. Betty White's second husband was Lane Allen. They were married in 1947 and divorced in 1949. Allen Ludden was Betty's third husband. They were married in 1963. Allen died in 198 (MORE)

How does check bounce?

Bounced Cheque means - a cheque that was submitted/deposited for payment was rejected and no money was paid. A cheque may bounce due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are: a. The signature of the cheque issuer does not match bank records b. There is not enough money in the issuers bank accou (MORE)

Does a hen bounce?

If you throw it hard enough anything will bounce except eggs so be sure to remove the eggs from your hen before hurling it at the ground

How does a check bounce?

Bounced Cheque means - a cheque that was submitted/deposited for payment was rejected and no money was paid. A cheque may bounce due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are: a. The signature of the cheque issuer does not match bank records b. There is not enough money in the issuers bank accou (MORE)

What is bounce in the internet?

Bounce can refer to a number of things. The two that came to mind when I saw the question are - a 'ping' test and an 'undelivered' email. With a ping test. Your network providers mainframe computer sends a small data 'package' to your computer via the internet connection to calculate its speed. Thi (MORE)

How many players in the NFL are named Bettis?

Currently, there are no players in the NFL with the last name Bettis. There have only been two players with that last name. . Jerome Bettis - (1993-2005) . Thomas Bettis - (1955-1963)

How do you get your breasts to bounce?

If you have a fairly large breast having them bounce is not a good idea. Doing so will break down the tissue and cause damage. Instead you want to wear a good bra and take care of your breasts. They are not made of rubber.

Why do velyr bounce?

SUPERVISORS!! This is the catch-all question for Darksyde aka Velyrhorde! Please don't delete it as I am using it to merge all those pesky variations of my Writing and Learning questions! Of course ... velyr do actually bounce. They're from a planet with a slightly higher gravity than Earth, so t (MORE)

When you bounce what else bounces?

When you bounce there are many things that bounce. It could be your belly, hair, and chest or if you have something in your hand it could also bounce all depending on the shape of your body.

Is the name Betty in the Bible -what book?

A common understanding of the name 'Betty' is that it is a nickname of 'Elizabeth' (not in the case of Betty White who was born a Betty). As Elizabeth, the name appears 9 times in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke.

How old is betty from ugly Betty?

Betty is twenty-two at the start of the series and twenty-six at the end of the series. She celebrates her twenty-fourth birthday in the second-season episode "Twenty Four Candles".

Do Bouncing Bombs really bounce?

Not bounce in the sense that a ball bounces- they were designed for use over water, where they 'skipped' across the surface just as happens when you skim a stone across a pond. The speed and motion in which they were travelling meant that they were able to use the surface tension of the water as a k (MORE)