How did the failure of Bear Stearns affect stock prices?

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In a simple sense, the failure of Bear Stearns had a negative effect on stock prices. When a major bank such as Bear Stearns (which had been in business since the great depression) fails, consumer confidence is lowered significantly. Investors lose confidence in the stock market as well. As they lose confidence, it is common to sell assets. As assets are sold, the entire market is flooded with supply. When the supply is very high and the demand is very low, stock prices are forced down.
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Amoco stock prices 1982?

NYSE Composite Transactions ( stock prices) for any business day can be downloaded from the Wall St. Journal archive site for a fee and registration. The fee depends on the article usually $5.

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The stock market connects offer and demand, which means that investors who willing to sell find a demand of others in the stock market. If the price of a stock is $40.00 and someone wants to buy a certain amount of stocks he has to pay a higher price because of the offers lying above that level. I (MORE)

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Why did the American government bail out Bear Stearns?

The public justification is that the fall of a large company like Bear Stearns could cause a ripple effect that would take down other companies, perhaps the entire American economy.. Many Americans are skeptical of this reasoning, suspecting that perhaps bribery of various members of Congress and t (MORE)

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GE stock prices in 1988? Someone at google misplaced a decimal. There was no unusual price fluctuation in 1988 for GE as is represented with google finance.;range=my - CORRECTE (MORE)

Why did Bear Stearns fail?

Bear Stearns' leverage (the money it borrowed) was so high (30x plus) that a "crisis of confidence" developed. Investors began withdrawing money from Bear and counter parties (their customers) stopped doing business with them - effectively their liquidity dried up. It was a classic Run on the Bank (MORE)

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Goes Down(Kaylop) You can make money in a Bear Market when stocks go down by "Selling Short" Short selling stocks is the most misunderstood and under-utilized of stock trading techniques. The idea of making money because of a stock price dropping, seems very foreign and down-right doesn't s (MORE)

How changes in stock pricing affect finances of a business?

I'm only 13 years old so don't trust me completely, but what I've learnt from my dad (he is the executive boss of Samsung) is that the business will not go well as people will not tend to use as much money if the stocks are low, however you can buy stocks and wait for the financial crisis to decreas (MORE)

What does the stock market do in a bear market?

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with stock market has probably heard of the terms bull market and bear market. Bull market and bear market are terms that describe the market trend. A bull market means there is an upward trend in the stock market, while a bear market indicates a downward trend. (MORE)

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increase in stock prices increase investor belief in company as a result stakeholder (loan provider , creditor etc.) extend more facility to company as a result copmany earn more profit

What affects the prices of stocks?

Basically the stock market is like any other market in the economy. Prices are regulated by demand and supply. Now there are various factors which affect demand and supply which will affect the price. Those factor can be news for example. A good CEO has left the company, or the company has committ (MORE)

What does the stock market do in bear market?

During a bear market, usually stock prices are range bound or in cycles. going up by a few dollars and coming back where it started. It is also common for stocks to go down heavily in value causing losses to investors

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Finding the current stock exchange price of IBM is easy by watching a financial newscast, by reading the financial section of a newspaper or by reading at an online source.

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