How did the last episode of friends end?

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The last episode of Friends ended with Monica and Chandler having twin babies, a boy and a girl. They named them Erica and Jack. Ross and Rachel were back together with baby Emma. Joey was happy as could be. Mike and Pheobe wanted a baby. Monica, Chandler and the twins left the apartment and moved into their new home.
I thought it was a bad ending because I still have loads of questions that were not answered. They ended with all of them putting their keys to the apartment on the counter. heading to the Central Perk coffee shop and, of course, they had to end with Chandler making a funny joke.
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How did Friends end?

Erica (The girl having Monica and Chandler's babies) gives birth and to everyones surprise has twins, a boy called Jack (after monica's father) and a girl called Erika (after her birth mother). Rachel is fired from Ralph Lauren but gets a job offer in Paris so Ross gets her old boss to give her her (MORE)

What happened at the end of the last episode of the sopranos?

The last episode ended with Tony, Carmella, and AJ sitting at a table in a restaurant eating onion rings. The song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey was playing and just as Meadow walked into the restaurant, the screen went black and it was over.

What happens in the last episode of Friends?

The last episode of Friends is actually two episodes called The Last One Part 1 and Part 2. Erica is taken to hospital where she gives birth to twins (much to Monica and Chandler's surprise). Monica and Chandler name the baby girl Erica, after the birth-mother, and the boy Jack, after Monica and Ros (MORE)

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How did the last episode of Moonlight end?

Beth broke up with mick then mick starts knocking on the door she doesn't answer he knocks again and just opens the door he say some stuff to her then she asks what was i wearing the night you first met me..again.whatever? he says jeans teashirt with a strip and a cream jacket then she says what abo (MORE)

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How did the last episode of magnum pi end?

Magnum reunites with his daughter Lily; we do not learn whether Higgins is really Robin Masters; TC reunites with his family, and it is left open whether Rick marries Chloe.

How did the last episode of married with children end?

kelly was set to get married. At the end she didn't because she found out her husband to be had already been married (this wasn't the last episode.) The last episode AL has to get rid of shoes from the store he works at. Griff and him decide to trade with other stores in the mall to get a vibrati (MORE)

What does joey do in the last episode on friends?

don't know, but he dosent realize the walls of the apartment are purple! Hahahahahahaha ^ No thats not what really happened. But if u watched the last episode u should know but if u didnt then here it goes; Ive watched the last episode a million times before so Joey buys Chandler and Monica (for t (MORE)

Is episode 12 kuroshitsuji the last episode?

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What episode is the last episode in inuyasha?

InuYasha The Final Act episode 26 (last season) is the very last epiosode of InuYasha. Seasons 1-6 consist of 167 episodes in total. InuYasha The Final Act is a continuation of that, being the very last episodes made, finally ending the animation series.

When was the last 'Friends' episode first aired on 'E4'?

E4 is still showing friends on tv now the present day 13/04/11 x ... sorry! Read the question again! I couldn't phrase it any other way though: When was the last episode of friends first aired? Not 'when the last episode was aired'. As in - when was 'The Last One' (Name of the last ever friend (MORE)

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