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How did the location of New Spain affect the way the Spanish settled on the land?

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The location of New Spain was in an area where there were a lot of Native Americans so they took a number of them as slaves or forced labor.
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Where did the spanish settle in the new world?

The Spanish settled in many areas of the New World. They settled in  Central, South, and North America. In North America, they settled  everywhere from California to across

Why did colonists come to settle in New Spain?

The majority of New France colonists settled along the St. Lawrence River. The reason they came to settle in New Spain is because there was not a lot of room left in New Franc

How did Spain settle in the New World?

The first wave of Spanish contact with the New World was through the first explorations. Settlements were established mostly for economic reasons. 1) for trade with what were

How did the new world affect Spain?

The discovery of the New World greatly impacted Europe, and Spain in particular. The New World, which consisted of North and South America had effects in Spanish government,

Where did the Spanish settle in New Mexico?

Where they had access to water. Since the Pueblo Indians had seen that need long before the arrival of the Spaniards, most of the chosen sites were already occupied, but that

What are 3 ways that Spain settled Texas?

Spain explored Texas, sent Missionaries to convert the natives, and made Grants to reward their more deserving subjects so that they would develop the colony.

Where did the Spanish establish in New Spain?

New Spain refers to Spain's colonies and settlements in America. Mostly they had claims in southern North America, Central America, and in South America itself. They even brea