How did the location of New Spain affect the way the Spanish settled on the land?

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The location of New Spain was in an area where there were a lot of Native Americans so they took a number of them as slaves or forced labor.
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Why do people settle in new lands?

People settle in New lands to simply get away from old lands that the do not like there are many reasons people settle in New lands it could be something that's going on in their old land that's making them annoyed so they move to a new land.

How was the land settled in New Zealand?

In December 1642, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand. The islands remained largely unknown until Captain James Cook sailed past in 1769 and explored the island, charting the coastline extensively. Following Cook's detailed report, the usual run of Whalers, missionaries, and traders fo (MORE)

Where did the spanish settle in the new world?

The Spanish settled in many areas of the New World. They settled inCentral, South, and North America. In North America, they settledeverywhere from California to across the Mississippi River andFlorida.

Why did colonists come to settle in New Spain?

The majority of New France colonists settled along the St. Lawrence River. The reason they came to settle in New Spain is because there was not a lot of room left in New France and because since there was not a lot of room they came over to New Spain.

How did Spain settle in the New World?

The first wave of Spanish contact with the New World was through the first explorations. Settlements were established mostly for economic reasons. 1) for trade with what were falsely believed to the peripheral subjects of the Great Khanate but actually turned out to be small island tribal nations; 2 (MORE)

How did missionaries affect Native Americans in New Spain?

The native Americans were forced to work on mission farms andranches. When the Spanish arrived in the New World, they broughtwith them a set of customs and traditions from their old Spain. Oneof the systems that were commonly practiced in Western Europe wasforced labour. [ In Spain, this was known a (MORE)

How did the new world affect Spain?

The discovery of the New World greatly impacted Europe, and Spain in particular. The New World, which consisted of North and South America had effects in Spanish government, economy, and society. It necessitated Spain's governmental adaptation in order to govern such a vast area. Spain set up vic (MORE)

What lands made up New Spain?

The Viceroyalty of New Spain was made up of Mexico, Central America, the American southwest, Louisiana, Florida, the East Indies, and the West Indies.

Where did the Spanish settle in New Mexico?

Where they had access to water. Since the Pueblo Indians had seen that need long before the arrival of the Spaniards, most of the chosen sites were already occupied, but that also made it handy for the priests to locate their new Christian converts.

What lands make up New Spain?

New Spain, formally called the Viceroyalty of New Spain (Spanish: Virreinato de Nueva España), was a viceroyalty of the Spanish colonial empire New Spain. Its capital was Mexico City, formerly Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire. At its greatest extent included much of North America sout (MORE)

How did Spanish contribute to the culture of New Spain?

The Viceroyalty of New Spain ( Spanish : Virreinato de Nueva España) was the first of four viceroyalties created to govern Spain's territories in North and Central America. It was ruled by a viceroy from Mexico City who governed many territories on behalf of the King of Spain . The (MORE)

Why did Spain settle New Mexico?

To increase its territorial gains in the Americas. Remember that once the New World and its riches were discovered, several countries in Europe raced to settle it and exploit its vast natural resources. Some other countries following the same path included the Netherlands, England, France and Portug (MORE)

Does Ferdinand Magellan want to claim new land for Spain?

No i am a social studies teacher and remember that Magellan went arund the world >>For a social studies teacher, your answer is gramatically, syntaxically, and informationally rather lacking. Magellan did end up claiming quite a few areas for Spain on his voyages, such as the "Spice Islands". How (MORE)

How did the Spanish affect the Mayan way of life?

The Spanish stole their gold, destroyed their leaders, and made the people slaves in an effort to mine more gold or silver for that matter. Spain's economy was destroyed and through taking these artifacts and raw materials they were able to save it.

What are some reasons people explore new lands in search of new places to settle?

To answer this question.. we only need to use common sense: Since even today people move to new cities, states , and even new houses for the vary same reasons our forefathers moved to new lands. 1. A start of a new life. 2. Better Opportunities for work or wealth 3. To run from war or famine One (MORE)

What types of settlements did the spanish create in new Spain?

The Spanish established 3 kinds of settlements in New Spain. Pueblos served as trading posts and sometimes as centers ofgovernment. Priests started missions to convert local American Indians toCatholicism. The Spanish also built presidios, or military bases, to protecttowns and missions

What place did Spain settle in the New World?

Spain settled mostly in South America. The conquistadors sent by Monarchy of Spain took down the Incan Empire throughout the Peru region. In North America, Spain settled in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Florida.

Where did the Spanish establish in New Spain?

New Spain refers to Spain's colonies and settlements in America. Mostly they had claims in southern North America, Central America, and in South America itself. They even breached into parts of modern day Texas. They also depended heavily on their claims to Barbados and other W. Indies Islands.

Where do Spanish people get news about Spain?

There are many Spanish language newspapers that provide local and national news to the Spanish population. Additionally, Spanish nationals can find information on current events online or on television news programs.

Why did Spain settle in Florida Texas Arizona New Mexico and California?

It was part of the race among European countries to grab as much territory as possible during the Age of Exploration (1453-1778). During this period of time, several naval powers explored the world for natural resources and alternate trade routes between Europe and Eastern Asia, finding instead the (MORE)

What were the goals of the Spanish when settling in the New World?

The primary goals of Spain upon its entry into the New World were to explore as much of the New World as possible and claim these lands for Spain. As the Spanish settled into North and South America, they sought to reduce the Native American Tribes and civilizations they encountered. They also set t (MORE)