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How did the raisin get its name?

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the name raisins is derived from the latin word racemes, meaning "a cluster of grapes or berries."
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What are raisins?

Answer   Raisins are the dried fruit dirivative of certain types of grape, as opposed to currants which come from types of grapes different from those used to make raisin

What is the name of the center of a raisin?

Thje outside of a raisin is the skin. The center or inside of a  raisin can be called the 'meat' or 'fruit' of the raisin. Raisins  may also be seedless or seeded.

What is raisins?

  A sweet grape dried either in the sun or by artificial means.

Is raisin a good dogs name?

People have many different opinions, I personally think its cute but it depends on if you like it. You shouldn't let other people decide for you, if you want the name Raisin g