How did the vikings think the world was created?

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In brief, the earth, named Midgard was formed from nothing. From nothing sprang the mists of Niflheim in the North. In the south there formed a realm of fire called Muspellsheim. When these realms met, water drops from the melting frost formed the first being, or frost giant named Ymir. Other giants then formed under his left arm, a man and a woman. From the offspring of these other giants were born three gods, Odin, Vili, and Ve. These three killed the giant Ymir and from his body they made the earth, or Midgard, between Niflheim and Muspellsheim.
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What do you think influenced the routes viking explorers took1?

Answer . The vikings were limited by two things: geography and technology. They were hindered by cold weather which occurs in their area 9 months out of the year, which made long-distance travel virtually impossible. They also survived by pillaging civilizations who were also inclined to thes (MORE)

Where do you think the term vikings come from?

One of the most popular ideas about the origin of the term viking is,that it is derived from "vik" meaning inlet or bay and that its meaning is "pirates dwelling in the inlets". "Pirates from Viken" ("Viken" is an old name for the coast at the Oslo Fjord) is a development of this interpretation. The (MORE)

How do Buddhism think the world was created?

Finally! Someone asks about creation. At my school when i was 8-9 years old, i learnt about 26 religions. The Buddhistss have a crazy idea! Which is nothing. They say, "Who cares about the past? We need to learn about how to survive and care for others during the present!" which i guess is an ok exp (MORE)

The Vikings were first to what in the new world?

Discover it.. They may also have been the first to settle it and derive their living from it, however briefly. If the Irish, Romans, Carthaginians, and Chinese came to America earlier, there is no evidence that they stayed long enough for an attempt at colonization.

How do Muslims think the world was created?

Muslims believe that the world was created by Allah ( the God). "He(Allah) is the Originator of the heavens and the earth…"(Surat al-Anam: 101) Dr. Zakir Naik , in one of his lectures reffered following verse in support of Big Bang theory: "Do those who are disbelievers not see that the (MORE)

How do Buddhists think the world was created?

Buddhism as a Philosophy does not care much for the past and that includes the question on how the world was created. Real Buddhism is only concerned on the present moment. Have you noticed that most people dwells on the past and hope for tomorrow? We are doing something at present but our mind is s (MORE)

What did the Americans think of the vikings?

During the time of the Vikings there were no American settlers yet.. The Vikings were the settlers. The native red men were the Americans. At first relations were friendly, but then the natives attcked. It is theorized that the natives became very sick from dairy products; milk and cheese, traded w (MORE)

How do baptists think the world was created?

Answer: In six 24hour days. Exodus 20:11 (KJV) For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is , and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. Exodus 31:17 (KJV) It is a sign between me and the children of Is (MORE)

What do scientists think happened to cause the world to be created?

Answer . Before the earth was created, there had to be a universe - the stars and the sun, around which our world revolves. The universe is considered to have started with a "Big Bang", when a single primordal point of matter and energy exploded, eventually expanding to form the universe as we kn (MORE)

What did vikings think about?

Probably quite obvious things. . What was happening to his farm and family while he was away. . Would their next stop - whether it was to trade or to rob - besuccessful. . Or would he get killed in battle. . Would the sea journed go well or not. . etc etc.

What was the name of the viking world?

Valhala\n. \n. =P No. Mðgarðr. (Midgard[en]) meaning Middle World. The Gods were in Valhalla. The other is Hel. Meaning Hell.. There are many more worlds in Norse Paganism. (You meant Norse Paganism rite??? .

What parts of the world did the Vikings not explore?

Vikings made it into North America, Northern Europe, and western Asia (founding modern Russia). They may have gone into North Africa. They apparently did not journey to South America, Australia, or Antarctica.

How Do Hindu's Think The World Was Created?

THE SYMBOLISM OF THE HINDU CREATION OF THE WORLD: To clearly understand the Hindu concept of creation of the world, we must keep in mind that, 1. The world is eternal and was not created at any point of time 2. 'Creation of the world' is symbolic of creation of a new life after our life is devasta (MORE)

How do Greeks think the world was created?

The ancient Greeks believed the world was created when Chaos, Gaea,and Eros mixed with each other, creating the gods. In other words,the creation of the world began with the creation f the gods.

Why do youi think the vikings did not try to colonize the Americas?

The agreed upon answer is that the natives were too fierce, and the environment was too difficult for the vikings. They were in constant conflict with the Skraelings and I think there were harsh winters(could be wrong about that part). Either way, it was difficult and long to bring vikings over and (MORE)

How do Jewish people think the world was created?

Traditional, religious Jews will go according to the Bible, the first passages of Genesis - "In the beginning" But of course, there are many different ways to practice Judaism. Some traditional Jews who follow Mystical teachings (what is known as the Kabalah) may look at hints in the numerology or (MORE)

Are Vikings the largest people in the world?

Vikings do not exist anymore; the Norse peoples no longer associatethemselves with that title. Historically, no, the Vikings were not the largest people in theworld because of persistent malnutrition in Viking colonies.(Malnutrition stunts growth.) Genetically, had they been wellnourished, they cer (MORE)

Why were the Vikings considered the strongest warriors in the world?

They were not but they were known to be very hard to beat because they always sneak attack. If a samurai were to fight a viking and the viking could not sneak attack the samurai will eventually overcome the viking. It is known that the vikings took over land and was a heartless warrior.

How do Sikhism think the world was created?

Although the concept of creation in Sikhism is not of grave importance as it causes a lot of quarreling between religions, the Sikh idea of creation was as follows: Which Thou created on and on, Then rolled them out into space, The divisions3, the orbs4, the universes5, All they sing Thy (MORE)

When were the Minnesota Vikings created?

They were initially to join the American Football League in 1960 but backed out at the last hour (the result was that Oakland received the last AFL franchise) and instead joined the National Football League in 1961.

What impacts have the vikings had on the world?

The Vikings were known for their excellent boat crafting and exploration. It is argued that the Vikings, led by Leif Ericson, where the first Europeans to reach the Americas in the 14th century.

What is a viking and what did they do?

A Viking is a Norsemen, and they were typical men and women who farmed, hunted, and made there own civilization to survive from. Some Vikings would raid different countries in Europe for loot.

What are the viking gods 9 worlds called?

People don't agree perfectly on what these worlds are, but these are the most common. Asgard(Ásgarðr), ther world of the aesir. Vanaheim(Vanaheimr), the world of the vanir. Alfheim(Álfheimr), the world of the elves, Freyr's home. Midgard(Miðgarðr), the world of men. Muspellheim(Mú (MORE)

How did aborigines think the world was created?

The aboriginal culture based its belief on the creation of the world was because of Dreaming. There is not a god creating things, but there are Dreaming beings that control the natural world. The concept of an existence of something before there was matter did not exist. People are believed to have (MORE)

When you die do you think God will let us create a world of own or a new dimension?

Either. i think heaven (assuming that is your final reward) is different for everyone. Your idea & someone else's idea of utopia are bound to be different. Answer: The prophecies are written... and God's plan is foretold. When we die, we await our resurrection [the first one at Jesus' return, o (MORE)

Why do vikings get no credit for discovering the new world?

They were one of many peoples who accidentally or intentionally sailed to the new world. The Chinese did it too. People also walked across the ancient land bridge between Siberia and North America. History books are written by the victors. Non-Viking Europeans became the main settlers and decimated (MORE)

When do the Jews think the world was created?

According to the dates provided in the Torah, this is now the year 5772 since Creation. But this refers to when Adam and Chava (Eve) received their souls, this does not refer to the actual physical creation of the world itself. Judaism doesn't have a set date for the creation of the world itself. (MORE)

Why do people think vikings are barbarians?

The attack on Lindisfarne on june 8. 793 AD cast a shadow on the perception of the Vikings for the next twelve centuries. Not until the 1890s did scholars outside Scandinavia begin seriously to reassess the achievements of the Vikings, recognizing their artistry, technological skills, and seamanship (MORE)

What made Darwin think that the world was not created as in the Bible?

A: It was his voyage around the world on the Beagle that began to make Charles Darwin see that the world was not created as described in the Bible. Darwin had studied for the priesthood and, in On the Origin of Species , Darwin says that the ship's officers sometimes laughed at him for seeing ever (MORE)

Why did ancient vikings believe the end of the world was the sky falling on them?

Okay Sorry it was to lomg for Yahoo What no. Okay first off all the Vikings were Mideval (800-1100 A.D.) Not Anceint. Ragnorock is a Massive War (Viking Armeggedon) Part of that war the sky cracks and fire. It is like a miscoception that there the most violent europeons. This was a violent time. (MORE)

How did Viking transportation affect today's world?

The ship's usage: The Vikings' ships are made as replicas for both shipping andtourism. They are even used as tourist ferries. Eighteen differentcountries have succeeded making replicas of Viking longboats andeven sailed them (Denmark with the most). The Vikings' fishingboats look a lot like modern (MORE)