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How different parts of both cameras work to capture the data?

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Can meta-data be captured as part of an image non-OCR scan?

  metadata is by definition data about data. For example, it might tell you when the last time a file was opened, or when it was created, or how has permission to modify i

What is data capture?

Getting the information into a structure in which it can be processed by the computer is called DATA CAPTURE. (By the way the information i gave you came from my computer boo

What do data captures do?

Because i'm smart and your not i will tell you the answer it helps people find data and it updates it and it can tell you anything and updates anything with in seconds

Why should you create a data capture from your spreadsheet work?

It is not clear what you mean by data capture. You can save the spreadsheet and you will have all your data "captured." If this does not answer your question, please ask again

What is the difference between data capture and data entry?

Dta capture means to collect data from external and internal resources. Whereas data entry means to store the captured data for further use. If the captured data did not store

What part of the CPU captures graphic data directly from a document for input into the computer?

There is no part of the CPU that captures graphic data  directly from a document for input into the computer.   This is the responsibility of an external peripheral devic