How do Hindus achieve moksha?

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There are four different paths to achieve Moksha which a Hindu can take.
The Hindu can choose one or all four of the paths they are:
1 The path of knowledge - Jnana-Yoga
Spiritual knowledge -leading to the knowledge of the relationship between the soul (atman) and God (Brahman)
2 The path of meditation - Dhyana-yoga
The idea is to concentrate so you can reach the real self within you and become one with Brahman
3 The Path of Devotion - Bhakti-yoga
Choosing a particular god or goddess and worshipping them throughout your life in actions, words and deeds.
4 The path of good works - Karma-yoga
This involves doing all your duties correctly throughout your life.
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What are the three paths to achieve moksha?

Path of work, path of knowledge, and path of devotion. Path of work, path of knowledge, and path of devotion One has to understand that Moksha (liberation) is not something v

What are the parts to achieving Moksha?

moksha is getting your real stage.. 1)Bakthi. with real meditation you may enjoy what is this stage( like you will have good CHAITHNYA and dont have any thoughts). it is not

Why do Hindus want to achieve moksha?

so that they can be freed from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth (samsara). Hindus believe that when they are freed from the samara (birth ,death, rebirth) they can be wit

Do you have to believe in Brahman to achieve Moksha?

From the Vedaantic point of view, the concept of Brahman is not like that of the common man's concept of hell and heaven. So there is no question of believing in Brahman for i

Can girls achieve moksha?

Yes according to Hindu religion all those who quit the worldly attraction of luxries and all materialistic things and devote themselve to god can achive moksha.

How do Hindus attain Moksha?

The two primary forces of Human beings: To know what Moksha is, we must know that we have, 1. A mighty, inexhaustible and uncontrollable Involuntary force 2. A small, tr

What does moksha means to Hindus?

The spiritual goal of the Hindus is to become one with Brahman. This freedom is referred to as Moksha. Until moksha is achieved, a Hindu believes that he/she will be repeated

How Hindu can reach moksha?

Through the ways of meditation, yoga & worship of Supreme God.Also Hindu practice good karma to get Moksha (liberation).