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Best PC monitor connection vga or dvi or s video?

The most modern display interface for computers is DVI. It supports a digital video signal and avoids some of the timing issues that can affect VGA signals. VGA is analog rath (MORE)

How do I connect a monitor via USB. My all-in-one media PC has no VGA output but the screen is now fading. Want to try spare monitor in the short term.?

In order to connect a monitor via a USB connection you'd need a software driver that will format and compress the video data and send it to a USB port and you'd also need a mo (MORE)

How do I connect a HP all in one desktop to a second monitor for the purpose of dual screens using a VGA to USB cable I have it connected now but my second monitor just says no signal.?

You must also enable the 2nd monitor from within the PC's control  panel in order for the system (motherboard) to "know" that there is  another monitor connected.
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