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How do I go about contacting Union Fidelity Life Insurance company that holds my policy and is there a way to do so online?

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Union Fidelity is still very much a company. You can contact 1-800-621-0393 and reach a Customer Service Agent like myself. :) business hours are 8:30 am to 6pm eastern time. if you get stuck in the menu, just hang on the line or press 0 to speak to a rep.

My question was if I was able to pay my premium on line.
my policy was with exxonmobil before but I decided to go direct.
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Can you have multiple life insurance policies with multiple insurance companies?

  Yes, you can own multiple life insurance policies with multiple insurance companies.   The application for coverage usually asks if you own other life insurance polic

How do I get in contact with Victory Life Insurance Company?

Many ways.  You could write a letter to:  P O Box 13487   300 West 11th Street   Kansas City MO 64199  Call:  (816)391-2000  (800)366-6565  or  (816)391-2083

Is union fidelity life insurance owned by ge and is so is it the same ge that owns or supports ms NBC?

  given the following link http://www.genworth.com/content/genworth/www_genworth_com/web/us/en/forms/claims/overview/annuity/contact_info.html it appears to be owned b

How do you contact Security Life of Denver Insurance Company?

1-800-752-4729, however this office only handles Universal Life  policies originally taken out through employers. For any other type  of coverage you'll have to contact ING,

Does union fidelity life insurance company have a website?

  They do not have a website. You will have to call the customer service line in order to get any information that you will need.

How do you find Union Fidelity Life insurance Company of Carol Stream Illinois?

  I have contacted them using a fax number of 267-468-6967.   They replied to my fax with letterhead having an address of   P,O, Box 5007, Carol Stream, IL, 50197 

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How do you go about contacting Southwestern Life Insurance Company Dallas TX am the owner of a paid up policy with this company and am in need of a telephone number that they can be used to reach them?

The company seems to have gone (or been put) out of business according to the website of the Texas Department of Insurance, and lost its Certificate of Authority to transact b