How do I stop an intermittant sewage smell from all of the drains in the house?

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Answer 1 First it is necessary that you understand the source and cause(s). Sewage smell is caused by decomposition of sewage throughout the entire system, including the sewer mains. Any opening in the sewer system will allow vapors to escape. As a matter of fact, the plumbing system vents sticking up above your roof are there to vent any such gasses at a height which is considered to be far enough away from human activity to not interact with people. If you were to remove a toilet, a lavatory, or sink from the drain system, leaving an open pipe end, those sewer gasses would enter your home. Even with those fixtures in place, still gas could enter through the drain opening, EXCEPT that codes require ALL DRAINS [including floor drains buried in a concrete floor slab] to have what is called a "P" trap installed at the drain outlet of those devices. The p-trap is so named because it resembles the letter "p" lying on it's side such that the curved part is downward, creating a "u" shaped loop which will catch and hold [trap] the last bit of water draining through it. In effect, this creates a "plug" of liquid in the drainpipe, which prevents the sewer gasses from backing up through the fixture drain into the house. Now, with this knowledge, we can approach the question of how intermittant odors occur, assuming there are properly installed p-traps in all drains in the house. IF there is not a p-trap, or it's not properly installed with the curved loop down, so as to trap water, then the fix is to reinstall it properly. However, since you use the term "intermittantly," suggests that there are properly installed p-traps and there must be another cause. Occasionally, where you have plumbing fixtures that are seldom used, the plug of water filling the p-trap will evaporate, leaving the p-trap open thus allowing the sewer gasses to enter the house. Each time water is run through a drain, the last of the flow refills the p-trap. I suggest that for any fixture drain which is not used at least monthly, you intentionally run water through the fixture every two weeks. This should preclude evaporation of the plug, and prevent entry of sewer gasses. There is one other possibility of sewer gas passing through a fixture drain, even IF the p-trap is properly filled with liquid. If the roof sewer vent pipe is blocked or restricted [by for example, like a bird nest at the opening, or a blockage due to accumulation of spider webs and trapped tree leaves in the vent], then when a toilet is flushed, or a bathtub full of water is drained, then the quick, heavy flow of water into the sewer pipe system displaces the atmosphere [air and sewer gasses] in the system faster than the restricted vent system can handle. In this situation, it is possible that the pressure build up of sewer gasses, exeeds the strength of the p-trap water plugs to resist. Then the sewer gasses will bubble up through the p-trap water plug into the house. Another thing which can cause the same backup through the liquid filled p-traps are large, but incomplete restrictions [partial clogs] downstream in the sewer pipes. Thus, you stop intermittant sewage odors inside a house by finding, and correcting the defect which allows the sewer gas to escape the sewer system.
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If you smell sewer gas faintly all over your house how can you diagnose this problem?

First, a thourough inspection should be done in the crawlspace or basement of the dwelling to find any potential problems that need attention. If the structure is built on a concrete slab then you are at the mercy of only slab top inspections. If possible hire a licensed home inspector with a meter (MORE)

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What could be causing your kitchen sink drain to stink like sewage occasionally while all other sink drains are fine?

The drainpipe under the sink should have a "U" shaped bend called a P-trap. Its purpose is to always hold a small amount of water in it which will block sewer gases from coming up through the sink and into the living space. The problem could be: No P-trap at all, which is unlikely. P-trap water has (MORE)

What could be making the terrible smell under the house which is not a dead animal not sewage but a sulfur like strong onerwhelming dirt smell?

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Why is there a musty smell from laundry drain pipe?

The piping has soap scum build up along with other debris like lint and then bacteria starts growing cause the odor . . To properly clean the lines one should water Jet NOT snake the lines to restore full flow and remove the deposits .

Can a clogged vent cause a raw sewage smell?

To test for a blocked vent, plug the sink or tub. Put at least 2inches of water over the plug. If the smell ceases, you have ablocked vent. The smell is caused by methane gas, which can causemany health issues.

Why does the basement smell of raw sewage?

It could possibly be coming from the drain. There is water in the drain that goes to your septic or holding tank even city sewer that stays in the pipe acting as a plug to prevent the odor from coming up. Same as an elbow on a sink drain. If that water evaporated or somehow drained, then your drain (MORE)

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Why does your sump pump smell like sewage?

Because there may be sewage in it, or worse. Call a plumber. Floor drains and washing machine drains are often drained into sumps. Grey water from these sources will begin to smell if not regularly flushed with more water and pumped out. The best way to eliminate this is to seal the sump with (MORE)

What is a sewage?

a place were they keep disgusting waste water. it is also known as a liquid waste which can be found in gutters

How do you stop drains smelling?

Sink drains smell because there are particles in the sink trap decomposing. To prevent such smells in a kitchen sink drain , try not to allow food to go down the drain at all, making sure that the sink plug fits properly and is emptied into the trash after each use. If food does go down the drai (MORE)

Why does a bad sewage smell come from a bathroom sink in the house after we run the water in the kitchen sink to do dishes And it doesn't always happen..but does when the water runs awhile?

There are two possible causes here. Either your sewerline has a slight blockage causing the smell. Otherwise your sewerline is not venting properly, however this would only happen unless a new installation has been done, because you would have noticed it before. My recommendation would be to get the (MORE)

Why do you get an intermittent smell of sulfur- damp starting in upstairs bathroom spreading across landing and down into hallthe house is 4 years oldthe smell doesn't eminate from toiletsinkshower?

Swer gases can back up in any drain that has a dry trap, one that is not often used. Make sure water is run into drains at least once a month. It is also possible that you have a disconnected sewer vent pipe hidden in your walls. This would allow the sewer gas to enter your living space air. Some mo (MORE)

What causes a downstairs bathroom to smell like sewage?

Sewer may be backed up; something too big for the pipes could have been flushed, there could be a clog somewhere in the pipes and the water can't get through..Or maybe the piping was just done incorrectly and as a result, you get to smell what you just flushed for many pleasant weeks..

What causes smells in drains?

Damage, a broken or cracked pipe, a blockage or partial block would all cause waste material to back up, fester and smell, a faulty u bend may also be to blame. Your drains may just need a dose of stong cleaning fluid, or something more serious such as high pressure water jets or repairs, phew....

How does sewage smell?

Sewage smells like sewage it stinks Answer: At the sewage plant sewage has a wet heavy odour like animal waste it i not entirly unpleasant and is easily acclimatized to, Texts refer to this aroma as earthy, farmlike or even goatish.

What is added to the water if sewage from house is mixed?

The answer depends on exactly what you mean and where you are. A common meaning is that the main drainage from an area is not separated into surface (basically rain-water drainage) and foul (domestic waste water). In modern housing developments only foul water is treated so surface and foul waters a (MORE)

There are sinks and toilets in your house not in use. How do you stop them from smelling?

The smell is caused by the fact that the water in the trap has dried out. All you need to do is pour some water down the drain periodically to prime the trap. Simply do this every time you smell sour gas. Alternately, you can pour some mineral oil down the drain (perhaps a pint or so) and leave it a (MORE)

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How do you stop a drain from smelling?

For basin drains shower and kitchens use a cheap bleach. It is effective, cleans everything, and smells hygienic. Regular cleaning is the key. Also, take the plug apart and clean the inside. A lot of hair, dust and stuff gathers over time. A real good clean out will do a lot.

Smelling sewer from floor drains?

Floor drains that do not have water flow through them will go dry and sewer gas will leak out of them because the trap makes a seal and stops air from flowing out of the floor drain. Most commercial properties have drip primers that allow water to drip into a floor drain and keep the trap sealed but (MORE)

How do you fix a smell of sewage from coming up the bathroom pipes?

There is a technical sanitary procedure for the waste disposal or as sewage system, it applies on a Sanitary Disposal System or Recycling System, where waste flows & stored in a big disposal basin or pit where there are layers of filtration applied to filter wastes , these layering ,such as soil, pe (MORE)

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What does sewage smell like?

Like poop, pea and nastiness. I can't really explain it. It just smells REALLY bad. Yah can't really argue..... Just imagine all the nasty stuff that goes down your toilet that's mixed with dirty water and mud and has been sitting for 2 months.... Yupp tastes good doesn't it

How do you stop an intermittant sewage smell from the drain in your basement?

Assuming there is a trap under the drain, just pour at least a quart of water down the drain. this will fill the trap and block the flow of sewer gases into the building. A trap is the U shaped drain pipe that you see under you kitchen and bathroom sinks. Water going down the drain gets "trapped" (MORE)

How can you stop sewage pipe water into clean water?

Make sure the sewage pipe is in good repair and has NO leaks thenextend it to a facility where the sewage can be treated (turnedinto good water by mixing it with air to let the good bacteriabreak down the sewage). It is possible to turn sewage into harmless, good products and tomake the water clean (MORE)