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How do I unlock parental control on a directv receiver if I forgot the parental control password?

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u could do the 400 possible combinations by doing 1111, 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 but write down what you do each day and only do 5 max becuz it has a digital delay for getting it wrong...
actually, the possible combinations is 10^4 or 10,000. plus every time you try a combination that doesn't work, you have to wait a certain amount of seconds, equivalent to how many incorrect attempts you've had. i.e. if you've had 9 incorrect attempts and you try a 10th time (assuming you're still incorrect), you'll have to wait 10 seconds before trying again. this could get annoying by the time you're around... oh, i dunno... 3,600... cuz you'd have to wait an entire hour before your next guess! not the best suggestion.
now, my advice is simply to call DirecTV and tell them the truth. as long as you're the account holder, they'll walk you through the process and either reset it for you or tell you how it can be done. otherwise, I'm assuming you're trying to access something that you're not supposed to... and that defeats the purpose of parental controls now doesn't it? =)
my mom locked mine when i was 9yo and then she forgot it 5 years later i have tried 178 times.. it starts to suck to wait over a minute to try again but if you want to watch southpark or any other show like it you can go to 384 cwe at late nights and they edit the shows to tv-14
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How to reset a parental control password on a directv receiver?

The Parental Control passcode can be reset remotely by DirecTV customer support. However, there are a few caveats.   * Your receiver must be connected to the phone line

You forgot your windows vista parental controls password?

When you initially set up the account you should have answered  security questions or gave your phone number for a password reset.  Click on the area that says forgot passwo

How do you get passed parental control passwords?

Ok simple really. if you have a mac there should be a keychain. OPen that file and click on any password. IF its not yours its probably someone elses. click on that pswrd and

How do you reset a parental control password on a signal receiver?

To reset your password you would need to call 1-800-333-3474 and speak with Technical support. They need to send you an authorization to the receiver so the password will be e