How do Muslims believe in peace?

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Muslims are those who love peace. It is only when there is a need to attack the enemy do they fight.

The terror groups who claim to fight in the name of Islam are actually not Muslims, despite their claim to be. The Islamic terrorists actually believe in Fundamental Islam, which is massively different to traditional Islam. Bear in mind that terrorists exist in every single religion, no matter how hard the media try to always blame Muslims.

Fundamental Islam is a false and propaganda religion where the leaders claim the followers need to fight against other religions and sacrifice themselves in order to gain access to the afterlife.
Traditional Islam is the true Islamic way which believes in peace and charity. They believe in the ways of peace and love and they believe in charity.

An act of charity in Islam is known as 'Zakah'. This act of zakah is obligatory to all those who follow the faith. A true Muslim is expected to help those who need it through an act of zakah, whether it be donating money to a homeless person, helping a disabled lady cross the road, sheltering a family from a storm and so on.

True traditional Muslims are indeed very peaceful and loving people.
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Muslims believe that there is one God, Allah, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His messenger.

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all muslims believe in one god. we also believe that no other power is created which can be worshiped. he is only 1 and has no descendants to him.
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Some are, some are not. Just like people of any religion.