How do Orthodox and Anglican Christians differ in their use of icons?

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Some Anglicans (known as Episcopalians in the US) use icons in their churches. Most fall into the category of "high church" Anglicans, rather than the "low church" Anglicans. High church Anglicans frequently use icons, incense and bells as a means of facilitating worship and relationship to God, whereas the low church Anglicans tend to believe excessive rituals and implements distract from worship and relationship. In many places around the world, Anglicans are emphasizing their ancient roots and are encouraging the use of icons and other devotional practices again. For example, St Paul's Cathedral in London, has a large icon of the Virgin Mary and Christ on its wall. The current Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Dr. Rowan Williams, also encourages the use of icons as part of Anglican services.
It may also be argued that the Anglican tradition has long emphasized words as iconography even more than images. Examples can be found in the mystical and poetical tradition throughout Anglicanism's history. Examples may include such notable "icons" as "St. Patrick's Breastplate," the poetry of John Donne, and the Book of Common Prayer, itself.
The Orthodox Church, however, places much greater emphasis on the corporate use of holy icons in its services and some churches are full of portable icons and frescoes or mosaics on the walls. It continues the practice of the Early Church which has used icons in its Liturgy and services for over 2000 years. For example, the evangelist and apostle St Luke, himself painted many icons of the Virgin Mary and Christ. So from this, no one can say that the use of icons did not have an Apostolic foundation. Indeed, the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which is accepted by all mainstream Christian Faiths, made a clear ruling that icons are a necessary and essential part of the Christian Faith. The veneration or honour of holy icons has an important place in the Church, but it confirmed that icons are not worshipped. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is worshipped. Icons are venerated, which means respected and honoured, in the same way that we respect a photo of our loved ones by kissing it, but we do not worship them either.
Icons represent the transfigured Saint who is represented in the icon, and sometimes depicts some scenes from their life or martyrdom. Holy icons have been used as an aid to worship by Christians since the earliest times during Orthodox Church services. Especially since the Church had only the Hebrew Scriptures without a formalized New Testament for the first few centuries of the Church.
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What are orthodox icons?

Orthodox icons are often referred to as "windows to heaven." The icon is a depiction of Christ, the saints, or biblical events done in a very precise fashion with thoughtful prayer throughout the process. The icon shares in the reality of image it depicts, thus we hold them very dear as they teach u (MORE)

Who are Christian Anglicans?

Answer . It really should be "Anglican Christians" not "Christian Anglicans" as all Anglicans would say they are Christian but not all Christians are Anglican e.g. Catholics, Orthodox and Methodists are Christians by not Anglican.. Anglicans are part of a worldwide group which see the Archbishop o (MORE)

What is the difference between Anglicanism and Christianity?

Answer . The answer depends on which denomination of Christianity you have in mind. If you are thinking of Christian doctrine, in general, Anglican theology is very similar to that of the other American Christian churches. Anglicans believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and established th (MORE)

What are the similarities and differences between Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christian?

Similarities--they are both Christian. Differences--the Orthodox do not recognize the authority of the Pope. The Orthodox celebrate their Christmas on a different day. Catholic Answer It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protesta (MORE)

What are the differences between the Anglican Church and traditional Christian ideals?

Many people would say there are no differences. It depends on how you define "traditional Christian ideals." In many senses, the Anglican church is the most true to tradition, since it did not completely reject anything related to the Roman Catholic church, like the protestants did, nor did it react (MORE)

Why do Orthodox Christians kiss icons?

\nIt is important to kiss holy icons or images, as this is a sign of respect, in the same way that we kiss a picture of our mother, father, husband, wife or children, to show the respect that we have for our loved ones. When we kiss a photo or picture of a family member or loved one, we are not wosh (MORE)

How is the Anglican church different from other Christian churches?

It -- like the Orthodox Church -- considers itself, along with the Catholic Church as one of the 3 direct shoots from the early Church. The great expositor of this view and opposer of it later, was John Henry Newman. Do read him. I just saw yesterday that he is to be beatified. And I think (along wi (MORE)

What is Orthodox Christianity?

Answer . Orthodox Christianity is the descriptive name given to the faith and beliefs of the Orthodox Church. It is similar to other names such as Roman Catholic Christianity or Protestant Christianity. The name Orthodox means having the correct beliefs and the correct way to glorify God. . Th (MORE)

What is orthodox Christian?

1.6% of Orthodox Christian is in Germany today and more than likely in Belgium and In Some otther places by Germany.

What is the different between Eastern Orthodox Church and Christian Church?

The Eastern Orthodox Church is a Christian church. All Christian churches share the belief that Jesus Christ is God, born on Earth as a man, and that salvation, or freedom from sin, is to be attained by following Christ as one's personal Lord and Saviour. Just as doctrine varies among other Chris (MORE)

What are orthodox Christians?

To be "an orthodox Christian" means to have the right or correct opinion about Christian doctrine. However, who is entitled to judge that? One approach is for an individual person to decide who he or she will trust to give them the right opinion. Another approach is for an individual to independe (MORE)

Differences between Roman Catholic Anglican and Orthodox?

The major thing or item about the Roman and Orthodox Churches that separate them from the Anglican Church and one another is that both claim to be the sole, One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to the exclusion of both the others! The Anglican Church has always claimed to be no more than Communi (MORE)

What is an Orthodox icon?

It is a painting on wood of saints and biblical events. They are painted with symbolic colours and the background is usually gold .

What is the difference between orthodox and arian Christians?

Orthodox literally means "right way" and "right worship" from the Greek 'ortho" (right) "doxa" (way, doctrine). Arianism is a heresy which denies the Divinity of Christ as well as the existence of the Holy Trinity. Arians believe that Christ was created. Orthodox Christians believe that Christ IS G (MORE)

What is the Christian orthodox?

According to Orthodox Christianity, everything that is done must be by the standards of The Bible, everything else is a sin.

What is the difference between English Christianity and greek orthodox?

The honest answer is I don't know! But The Anglican Church holds to the Revelation of Christ , [as recorded in Acts]. Holy Scripture and the Seven Ecumenical Councils. They hold to the Three Catholic Creeds and the apostolic succession as taught by Christ to the apostles and by them to the College o (MORE)

What is the difference between Christians and Greek Orthodox?

Greek Orthodox is a Christian Church. But there is no single kind of Christian. There are many, many forms of Christianity, usually divided into the older ones (Roman Catholic and various "Orthodox" churches), the later Protestant ones (Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, etc), and the n (MORE)

What makes the Anglican Church different from other Christian denominations?

They use The Book of Common Prayer in their services. It is formally the Established Church of England ie part of the State - a number of bishops sit in the "House of Lords". ------------------------------------------ Firstly, the Anglican Church is not simply the Established Church of Eng (MORE)

According to the catholic belief are the non Catholic christians as orthodoxs lutherans anglicans consider as christians and shall go to heaven or perhaps they consider as heretic sinners?

Orthodox Christians are considered schismatics while Protestants are heretics. According to Catholic doctrine, they can go to heaven if they are baptized and genuinely convinced of their faith and follow it as if it were the true one, live a holy life, and have sorrow for their sins because it offen (MORE)

How do Christians use icons to help them pray?

Only Catholic and Orthodox Churches use statues and pictures of Jesus or of the saints to help them pray. Protestant Churches do not, considering the use of icons akin to idolatory.

What is the difference between Orthodox Christianity and Orthodox Judaism?

One of them is a subgroup of practicioners of Christianity, whilethe other is a subgroup of practicioners of Judaism. The question is a bit likeasking "What is the difference between a fast car and a fast woman ?" Additionally, the reason that these groups were given the title ofOrthodox differs qu (MORE)

How you draw and paint a orthodox icons?

Writing icons is an extremely prayer-filled task. You first, needto ask the Lord for guidance in this situation, and to guide yourhand. You also need to pray to the saint you are going to bewriting. Praying to a saint, is not the same as praying to God. Youmust ask the saint to pray for YOU in this (MORE)

What is differences between Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism?

Catholics follow the Pope, Orthodox follow the Ecumenical Patriarch. Orthodox priests are allowed to get married, Catholic priests are not (Deacons can though). Orthodox cross themselves with the left hand going top-bottom-right shoulder- left shoulder(with three fingers). Catholics cross themsel (MORE)

Difference between orthodox Christianity and western Christianity?

Orthodox Churches are the direct continuation of the Church established by Christ himself. They teach the original doctrine that Jesus himself taught. The western christian churches, split apart form this church do to differences in practice. The Catholic church decided that certain things shou (MORE)

What are the differences between Catholic Christian and Anglican Holy Communion?

Catholics believe that the priest, acting in the person of Christ, actually changes the bread and wine, whole and entire, into the Body and Blood of Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ. After this change, called Transubstantiation, nothing of the bread and wine remains but their outward accidents. Anglic (MORE)

What icons are in an Anglican church?

Normally the Anglican Churches have statues rather than icons, but in these days things are changing according to the ideas of the priest and congregation. In the Church where I assist we have Icons of Our Lord, an Icon of the Lady Mary, with one each of S. Alban the Early Martyr, S. John, S. George (MORE)

How did the Orthodox church view the use of icons?

Icons are venerated (honored) but not worshipped in the Orthodox Church. This is done by commemorating the memory of a saint, in the same way that the people of God in the Old Testament commemorated the righteous people who pleased God: "The memory of the righteous is blessed" (Proverbs 10:17). St (MORE)

What is the primary difference between the Russian Orthodox Church and Christianity?

Russian Orthodox chruch is part of the Orhtodox Cannon, the oldest form of Christianity. The Church is part of the same group that includes the Greek, Armenian and other ORthodox Churchs. The only difference between the Russian and other Orthodox churches is their primary language, and other non- (MORE)

What is the difference between orthodox church and the Christian church?

The main difference between Orthodox chruch and Christian church is that the orthodox chruch believe they would go to heaven if they do the ten commandments but that was in Old Testament. Jesus Christ came, died for our sins, and changed that. In the New Testament, it is written that we shall get in (MORE)

Why are there Orthodox icons in Westminster Abbey?

Because the Church of England has not opposed the use of holy icons in its churches. Only some evengelical protestant groups do not use icons. The Queen of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury support the use of icons.

What is the difference between Anglican church and Christian church?

The Anglican church is one group of denominations within the larger Christian church -- unless you mean the groups that grew out of the Restoration movement and Campbell in the 1800's. These groups have a congregational governance, rather than the episcopal governance of the Anglicans. They emphasiz (MORE)

Why do Orthodox Greeks kiss icons?

Because kissing is a sign of respect, just like when you kiss a picture of your mother, father, or child. Icons are not worshipped, they are venerated (meaning honoured) by commemorating the memory of a saint. By venerating icons we ask for the saints to pray to God for us, because we know that Go (MORE)

What is the significance of icons in the orthodox church?

Icons are holy images that declare the presence of the kingdom of God in the church. They are not only 'visual aids' but representations of the living saints of God. Jesus Christ Himself is also referred to in the Bible as "the image of the invisible God" (Colossians 1:15 and 2Corinthians 4:4). Ho (MORE)

Do Catholics and Protestants and Orthodox Christians have different Scriptures?

No! As far as the Christian Scriptures are concerned they are allunited. Christians of the three major groups--Roman Catholics, Protestantsand Eastern Orthodox--are united in recognizing the 27 books of theChristian Scriptures, which are commonly known as the NewTestament, as the final revelation o (MORE)

Who was orthodox Christianity?

Your question is strangely asked. The word "orthodox" is based on the Greek words "orthos" meaningright, true, straight, and "doxa" meaning praise. The word thenrefers to something which is the "right idea." Those who hold to what may be called "traditional Christianity"(the faith of the early Chur (MORE)