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What is the job description of a sales lady?

A sales lady is responsible for all aspects of customer service.She will stock merchandise, assist customers with choosing items,keeping the store clean, and ringing up purcha

What is a sales lady?

A sales lady is woman who is responsible for selling theircompanies product. Sales jobs are often based on commission andsales people have to great communicators and friendly

How can you be a good sales lady?

1) be confident 2) don't be pushy 3) smile a lot 4) know a lot about what you're selling 5) know a lot about the competition 6) never lie 7) Keep an eye on the customers; be

Sales lady description?

A sales lady represents a product or service and is responsible forselling it. She may have other duties such as customer service orpaperwork.

What is sales lady?

sales lady is to entertain the customer and take care of his product assisted

What does sales lady do?


What are the Sample resume for sales lady?

A sample resume for a sales lady should list your name, contactemail address, and phone number at the top. Next write a briefparagraph as to why you would like to apply for th

Objective as sales lady?

The main objectives as any sales person are sales growth andbringing in repeat customers. Sales is a competition, where one isto up-sell their coworkers and similar companies.

What is the duties of a sales lady?

That really depends on where you are shopping. If you are shopping at a department store they are to guide you to what you are looking for or get a dressing room. However, if